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ETFE Resin Moulding Process

ETFE Resin Moulding Process

ETFE Resin Moulding Process HY49020
1:Melting Point:270
2:Melting Index:25 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength: 13Mpa Min
4:Elongation at break 200-400%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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ETFE Resin Moulding Process HY49020

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is a fluoroplastic. It is designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength in a wide range of temperature..ETFE is a polymer. The name is poly (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene).ETFE with high melting temperature, excellent chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation resistance. When burning, ETFE releases hydrogen fluoride. Acid.

Qulaity Specification of ETFE Resin Moulding Process HY49020

Performance Index:

Physical performance



Melting Point(°C)


Melt Index(g/10min)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Mechanical properties

Elongation at break(%)


Compressive strength    (MPa)




coefficient of dynamic    friction


Thermal properties

Continuous highest use    temperature(°C)


HDT (°C) (18.5kg/cm2)


coefficient of linear    expansion*105(K-1)


Electric performance

Volume    resistance(Ω·CM)


Insulation destruction    voltage (0.2mm)(MV/m)




Dielectric Loss Tangent(tanδ)(X106Hz)


The combustion mode of ETFE is the same as that of other fluoropolymers. HF is highly corrosive and toxic. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful that the ETFE film is self-cleaning (due to its non-adhesive surface) and recoverable. It is easily pierced by sharp edges, so it is mainly used on the roof. [2] as a film of the roof, it can be stretched (up to three times as much) if some size change occurs (for example, due to thermal expansion, it will still be tensioned. With hot welding, tear can be assembled into a larger panel with a patch or multiple sheets. The tensile strength of the resin is about 42 MPa(6100, and the operating temperature ranges from 89 K to 423 K (185 °C to 150 °C or 300 °F to 300 °F).ETFE resin). Accelerated weathering tests (equivalent to 30 years of exposure) show little sign of film degradation.

Application of ETFE Resin Moulding Process HY49020:

HY49020 is ideal for many end products, including electrical components, such as sleeving, coil forms, sockets, connectors, and switches; lab ware, such as tubing, valves, containers, and dishes; battery or instrument components that require chemical inertness; chemical service items, such as valve components, seal glands, pipe plugs, and corrugated tubing and film

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