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ETFE Resin Film

ETFE Resin Film

Brief Introduction of ETFE Granule Cable HY49010
1:Melting Point:270
2:Melting Index:10-13 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength: 13Mpa Min
4:Elongation at break 200-400%
5:Package: 25kg Per Drum

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Product Details

ETFE Resin Film HY49010

ETFE is a kind of tough material, and its mechanical properties reach a good balance: very strong tensile strength, high tensile strength, medium hardness, excellent impact resistance, long telescopic life. ETFE is a good dielectric material with high insulation strength. The dielectric constant is 2.6, the resistivity is high and the dissipation factor is low, only 0.003. Its low dielectric constant, under the condition of frequency and temperature change, the use temperature range of ETFE is relatively wide and practical. The constant temperature is usually set between -65 °C and 150 °C, and it is still very hard at ultra-low temperature, and its embrittlement temperature is as low as -100 °C. In addition, ETFE has passed several strict fire resistance tests, such as IEEE 383, and obtained UL 94 V-0 grade. It has little effect on the physical properties of most chemical substances and low permeability to ordinary gas and water vapor.

Quality Specification of ETFE Resin Film HY49010

Performance Index:



Melting Point(°C)


Melt Index(g/10min)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Mechanical properties

Elongation at break(%)


Compressive strength(MPa)




coefficient of dynamic friction


Thermal properties

Continuous highest use temperature(°C)


HDT (°C) (18.5kg/cm2)


coefficient of linear expansion*105(K-1)


Electric performance

Volume resistance(Ω·CM)


Insulation destruction voltage (0.2mm)(MV/m)




Dielectric Loss Tangent(tanδ)(X106Hz)


In the field of chemical engineering , the chemical resistance of ETFE can be stronger than that of general carbon steel and stainless steel . Almost any strong acid , strong base , strong oxidizing agent and solvent have no effect on it at high temperature . It is more important that ETFE has excellent processing performance , especially its adhesion to metal surface , so that the compact lining process of fluoroplastics and steel is truly realized ;

ETFE has an unparalleled advantage in many areas .

In the construction field , the quality of the roof and wall made of ETFE is only 1 % of the glass mass of the same size , the cost is only half of the glass , and the service life is 25a , and can be recovered . As the use of ETFE in the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues , the ETFE film material has caused great domestic attention .

With the rapid development of our country undefined s economy , the demand of domestic market for fluorine chemical products is increasing , the comprehensive performance of the fluorine chemical products in each field is continuously raised , and the ETFE has special properties .

The development and industrialization of ETFE have become more and more optimized . Therefore , the development and industrialization of ETFE have been very urgent . In the technology , the performance of ETFE is more optimized , including radiation crosslinking modification , surface discharge treatment , addition of third monomer and fourth monomer , wherein the modified ternary and quaternary copolymers of ETFE are the current research hotspots , and the ternary modification technology is more and more mature .

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