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FEP Sheeting

FEP Sheeting

Brief Introduction of FEP Sheeting:
1: Thickness: 1-40MM
2:Width: 100-400MM
4:Package: As your request

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Product Details

FEP Sheeting

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene plate,bar and ring, that is FEP plate,FEP bar and FEP ring are produced by 100% virgin FEP resin with molding press technology.Main application field is in anti corrosion on gasket,seal components and reduced wear parts,insulating parts.

FEP Sheet and FEP Plate Specification:





Molding FEP Sheet




FEP clear concentrate sheet is an advanced fluoropolymer FEP commonly used in the medical industry. FEP is made out of PTFE and another fluorinated polymer giving it excellent chemical resistance. FEP is softer and easier to fold than PTFE making it perfect for large scale packaging. This product is UV resistant and optically clear allowing a perfect view of what is inside. LT company's product is always made from the highest quality Fluoroelastomers and meet FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces. LT packaging is safe, and 100% contamination free.

FEP Non-stick Sheet advantage:

1,Eco-Friendly solutions for the Extraction of Essential oil.

2,The easiest most affordable way to produce super clean extracts: if necessity if you want clean oil.

3,Extremely durable and long lasting.

4,Chemical resistant and durable under high temperature.

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