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FEP Tubing

FEP Tubing

Brief Introduction of FEP tubing :
2:Wall Thickness: 1mm-6mm
3:Apperance: Transparent
4:Package: As your request

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Product Details

FEP tubing FEP pipe FEP piping

Material: FEP Specification:


Length: 100m , or as your request

Wall Thickness: 1.5mm

Standard:ISO9001:2008 Color:

FEP shrink pipe

FEP shrink pipe has outstanding wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature performance, especially for high temperature performance. It is used for insulation protection and pressure relief of weld joint and identification of coating elements.

FEP tubes basically retain the properties of PTFE such as excellent resistance to high and low temperature, chemical stability, electrical insulation, outstanding non-viscosity and high mechanical strength. But it is more elastic and transparent than PTFE. The main products are FEP tube (including FEP transparent tube and FEP heat shrink tube) and FEP film. FEP tube, which is only 50 ℃ lower than PTFE in high temperature resistance limit.


1. Liquid crystal manufacturing device.

2, single-end light emitting fiber tube.

3,Heat exchanger, steam pipe.

4, high purity reagent conveying pipe.

5, various corrosive media (harsh solvents) delivery pipeline.

6, all kinds of frequency wire and cable sheath, slot insulated tube (submersible motor slot insulation tube, air conditioning harness assembly tube.

7, full-wrapped fluorine plastic O-type sealing ring pipe.

FEP transparent tubing specification: our company also produces FEP precision pipe and capillary, the specifications can be confirmed according to customer requirements to produce FEP products in accordance with the relevant enterprise standards.

FEP heat shrink tube application:

1, Office, paper making and printing and dyeing machinery roller coating.

2, insulation sheath, motor rotor main insulation.

3, water treatment, oil fields and other industries magma samples.

FEP heat shrink tube specification: The specification of FEP heat shrink pipe can be confirmed according to the customer specific requirements to ensure that the production of FEP products conforms to the relevant enterprise standards.

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