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FEP Dispersion Coating

FEP Dispersion Coating

Product Introduction of FEP Dispersion Coating DS603A/B
1:Appearance: Milky, or light yellow liquid
2:Melting Index: 0.8-5/5-10 g/10min
3:Solid Content:50% around
4:Surfactant Concentration: 5wt% around
5:Ph Value :8
6:Package : 25kg Per drum

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Product Details

Product Introduction of FEP Dispersion Coating DS603A/B

FEP DS603A/B is an off-white aqueous FEP dispersion stabilized with a non-ionic surfactant.It is a general-purpose dispersion that can be used to impart some the unique properties of FEP to end products that would be difficult to make using traditional melt extrusion processes.It can be used to coat or impregnate porous structure,or to make thin films.It can be coated and melt bonded to PTFE resin or used as a hot melt adhesive.

1:Effect of vacuum on FEP Dispersion coating compactness

The rotating speed of the extruder is 12r/, the wire enters the extruder at room temperature (15 ℃), the processing temperature is 370, the wire is naturally cooled by air at room temperature, the wire diameter is 0.6 mm, and the diameter of the wire after coating on FEP is 1.2 mm.

2: Effect of preheating temperature on FEP Dispersion coating tightness

With the increase of preheating temperature, the adhesion force decreases. When the wire is preheated, the contaminants on the surface of the wire and the moisture in the air can be degraded when the wire is preheated at high temperature. The volatile gas increases the gap between the coating layer and the metal wire and reduces the friction between them. So as to reduce the adhesion, that is, the degree of compactness decreases with the increase of the preheating temperature of the conductor.

The Quality Technical Index of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B







Milky , or Yellow Liquid

Melting Index







Surfactant concentration



PH Value


Main Application  of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B

This  FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B can be used for coating, impregnation. It is also suitable for the processing of many products,including heat resistant PTFE impregnated fiber surface coating,PWB, or electrical insulation materials,injection film, or chemical isolation materials, as well as PTFE/FEP mutual connection melt adhesive. The liquid also can be used for modulation of the underlying substrate metal coating, and for the production of glass cloth composite anti-fouling coating,and polyimide composite as high insulation membrane.

Package,Transportation and Storage of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B

1: Packed in plastic drums,and in hard circular barrels outside. Net Weight is 25kg per drum.

2:Stored in clean and dry places,temperature range is 5C-30C.

3:FEP Dispersion should be transported according to non-dangerous product,avoid heat,moisture, or strong shock.

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