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FEP Dispersion Impregnation

FEP Dispersion Impregnation

Product Introduction of FEP Dispersion Impregnation DS603A/B
1:Appearance: Milky, or light yellow liquid
2:Melting Index: 0.8-5/5-10 g/10min
3:Solid Content:50% around
4:Surfactant Concentration: 5wt% around
5:Ph Value :8
6:Package : 25kg

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Product Details

Product Introduction of  FEP Dispersion  Impregnation DS603A/B

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene concentration dispersed liquid propylene from Tetrafluoroethylene with HFP copolymer which, in a non-ionic surfactant stable aqueous dispersion fluid, can be given is not usually possible with traditional methods for processing FEP resin products, the number of unique properties, the resin emulsion is the real thermoplastic plastic, typical of fluoride Resin outstanding characteristics : the continuing use temperature of 200 ° C, the maximum operating temperature of 240 ° C, almost all the industrial chemicals and chemical solvents showed inert. Its products have excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, and low coefficient of friction.

1: Effect of wire cooling mode on FEP Dispersion Impregnation compactness

In the cooling mode, the adhesive force is the greatest under natural cooling at room temperature at 25 C, and the adhesion of the wire decreases with the cooling of heated water. While cooling with cold water, the tightness of the coating drops sharply. When cooling water is forced to cool the outer surface of the coating, the cooling rate of the outer surface of the coating is not consistent with the inner surface, and produces different shrinkage effects. As a result, the adhesion of the conductor is greatly reduced, and the cooling envelope at the room temperature is the largest.

2:Influence of coating thickness on FEP Dispersion Impregnation coating tightness

At the same processing temperature, the adhesion of wire increases with the increase of coating thickness (diameter). The natural crystallization of the coating melt in the cooling process increases the friction force with the increase of the thickness of the wire, thus increasing the adhesion, that is, the degree of compactness increases with the increase of the coating thickness of the conductor

Quality Technical Index of FEP Dispersion Impregnation DS603A/B







Milky , or Yellow Liquid

Melting Index







Surfactant concentration



PH Value


Main Application  of FEP Dispersion Impregnation  DS603A/B

FEP aqueous dispersions are generally used in the coating of fabrics and other substrates in various end use applications; Filtration, Architectural Roofing, Electronics, Semiconductor, Food Processing, Packaging and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.

Package,Transportation and Storage of FEP Dispersion Impregnation  DS603A/B

1: Packed in plastic drums,and in hard circular barrels outside. Net Weight is 25kg per drum.

2:Stored in clean and dry places,temperature range is 5C-30C.

3:FEP Dispersion should be transported according to non-dangerous product,avoid heat,moisture, or strong shock.

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