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FEP Dispersion Insulation

FEP Dispersion Insulation

Product Introduction of FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B
1:Appearance: Milky, or light yellow liquid
2:Melting Index: 0.8-5/5-10 g/10min
3:Solid Content:50% around
4:Surfactant Concentration: 5wt% around
5:Ph Value :8
6:Package : 25kg

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Product Details

Product Introduction of  FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B

The polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP) concentrated dispersion consists of a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, the appearance of which is milky white or light yellow. The products processed by PFEP concentrate have excellent thermal stability, outstanding chemical inertia, excellent electrical insulation, low friction coefficient and excellent atmospheric aging resistance. The concentrated polyfluoroethylene propylene dispersion is mainly used for coating of polyimide film, impregnation and baking of glass fiber fabric, anticorrosion and anti-adhesion coating for spraying and casting continuous pinhole film.

Quality Technical Index of  FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B







Milky , or Yellow Liquid

Melting Index







Surfactant concentration



PH Value


Main Application  of FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B

This  FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B is normally used for impregnation. Glass fiber matting and sintered metal alloys with porous layers are examples of the substrates that can be used. In general, the substrate is impregnated by being dipped straight into DS603A/Bor intoDS603A/B which has been diluted with distilled water. In cases where impregnation is difficult, depressurization or pressurization can also be used to assist the impregnation process. After impregnation is complete, the article should be removed from the dipping tank and dried by air or other means and then sintered as necessary.

Precaution for Use FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B

When the product is over-heated, it will generate decomposition gas. Adequate ventilation system is required to prevent inhalation of this gas. The product is for industrial use only. We do not guarantee the safety in case the product is used for other purposes. When using the product for health-care application or food / feed application, consult us in advance. Redisperse at least once a month and before use to prevent solid content from settling.

If skin contact occurs:

Immediately remove all contaminated clothing, including footwear.

Flush skin and hair with running water (and soap if available).

Seek medical attention in event of irritation.

General For thermal burns:

Decontaminate area around burn.

Consider the use of cold packs and topical antibiotics. For first-degree burns (affecting top layer of skin)

Hold burned skin under cool (not cold) running water or immerse in cool water until pain subsides.

Use compresses if running water is not available.

Cover with sterile non-adhesive bandage or clean cloth.

Do NOT apply butter or ointments; this may cause infection.

Give over-the counter pain relievers if pain increases or swelling, redness, fever occur.For second-degree burns (affecting top two layers of skin)

Cool the burn by immerse in cold running water for 10-15 minutes.

Use compresses if running water is not available.

Do NOT apply ice as this may lower body temperature and cause further damage.

Do NOT break blisters or apply butter or ointments; this may cause infection.

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