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FEP Emulsion Coating

FEP Emulsion Coating

Product Introduction of FEP Emulsion Coating DS603A/B
1:Appearance: Milky, or light yellow liquid
2:Melting Index: 0.8-5/5-10 g/10min
3:Solid Content:50% around
4:Surfactant Concentration: 5wt% around
5:Ph Value :8
6:Package : 25kg

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Product Details

Product Introduction of FEP Emulsion Coating  DS603A/B

FEP Dispersion DS603  is a off-white aqueous with non ionic surfactant. It provides inertness to nearly all industrial chemicals and solvents;stability at high temperatures;excellent dielectric properties; excellent weatherability and no-stick characteristics, using temperature is between -240°C (-400F) to 200°C (400F). It can be used to impart some the unique properties of FEP to end products that would be difficult to make using traditional melt extrusion processes.

1:Effect of processing temperature on FEP Emulsion coating compactness

For a given FEP resin, its adhesion increases with the increase of processing temperature in the range of processing temperature. At the optimum processing temperature, the melt viscosity is the largest, and the friction force between the wire and the melt is the largest.

2:Effect of running speed on FEP Emulsion coating tightness

Under the same processing conditions, the higher running speed will directly lead to the decrease of the compactness. The high line velocity increases the melt delamination rate, that is, the high critical shear reduction rate, and decreases the melt viscosity, thus reducing the adhesion, that is, the compactness decreases with the increase of the line velocity.

The Quality Technical Index of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B







Milky , or Yellow Liquid

Melting Index







Surfactant concentration



PH Value


Main Application  of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B

FEP Dispersion can be applied to process glass fibers fabric by dipping and roasting, corrosive and adhesive resistance coatings by spraying and continuity film of non-pinhole by molding.

Non Stick Pan                   High Insulation Film

271907.png        271917.png

Package,Transportation and Storage of FEP Dispersion  Coating  DS603A/B

1: Packed in plastic drums,and in hard circular barrels outside. Net Weight is 25kg per drum.

2:Stored in clean and dry places,temperature range is 5C-30C.

3:FEP Dispersion should be transported according to non-dangerous product,avoid heat,moisture, or strong shock.

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