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FEP Emulsion Insulation

FEP Emulsion Insulation

Introduction of FEP Emulsion Insulation DS603A/B
1:Appearance: Milky, or light yellow liquid
2:Melting Index: 0.8-5/5-10 g/10min
3:Solid Content:50% around
4:Surfactant Concentration: 5wt% around
5:Ph Value :8
6:Package : 25kg

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Product Details

Product Description of FEP Emulsion Insulation DS603A/B

FEP Emulsion Insulation DS603A/B is a translucent, white aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene that is stabilized with a non-ionic surfactant with a low PFOA content. Products fabricated outstanding thermal stability, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, a low coefficient of friction, and electrical insulation properties (up to 200ºC continuously). Typical End Uses: glass fabric and glass mat coatings, film casting, spray coating and release coating formulations.

Quality Technical Index of FEP Emulsion Insulation DS603A/B







Milky , or Yellow Liquid

Melting Index







Surfactant concentration



PH Value


Processing: Conventional dip or flow techniques can be used for coating or impregnating products with BAM 463.

Packaging: 25Kg (55lb) drums.

Quality: Our manufacturing facility is ISO-9001 certified.

Storage and Handling: Store in a clean, cool and dry environment. Recommended storage temperature range is between 5℃-30℃. Stir the stored product once a week to avoid precipitation.

Safety: Resin containers should be opened and used in well-ventilated areas. Exhaust ventilator is necessary when processed over 300⁰C. This product must be processed below 390⁰C to avoid decomposition. (Toxic gas may evolve over this temperature) Ovens, process equipment and working area must be adequately ventilated.

Precaution for Use FEP Dispersion Insulation DS603A/B

Protect burn by cover loosely with sterile, nonstick bandage and secure in place with gauze or tape.

To prevent shock: (unless the person has a head, neck, or leg injury, or it would cause discomfort):

Lay the person flat.

Elevate feet about 12 inches.

Elevate burn area above heart level, if possible.

Cover the person with coat or blanket.

Seek medical assistance.

For third-degree burns Seek immediate medical or emergency assistance.

In the mean time:

Protect burn area cover loosely with sterile, nonstick bandage or, for large areas, a sheet or other material that will not leave lint in wound.

Separate burned toes and fingers with dry, sterile dressings.

Do not soak burn in water or apply ointments or butter; this may cause infection. To prevent shock see above.

For an airway burn, do not place pillow under the person's head when the person is lying down. This can close the airway. Have a person with a facial burn sit up. Check pulse and breathing to monitor for shock until emergency help arrives.

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