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FEP Powder Pump Lining

FEP Powder Pump Lining

FEP Powder for the valve lining DS605
1:Appearance: white powder
2:Melting Index: 0.8g/10min Max
3:Application: Valve lining
4:Package: 25kg per drum
5:Stored in clean,cool and dry places

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Product Details

The Introduction of FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS605

Lining valve is the product of the development stage of modern science and technology. Fluoroplastic lining valve is a high-tech product with the appearance of fluoroplastics and social demand.

A series of fluoroplastic lining valves have been developed according to the above properties and forming process characteristics and methods of fluorine plastics. Fluoroplastic lining valves have their own characteristics, both in material selection and manufacturing process, compared with conventional universal valves. Fluoroplastic lining valve structure length and flange end dimensions, according to steel valve standards and industry standards. If the structural length according to the GB/T 12221 standard, the structural length includes flange sealing face lining fluorine plastic thickness. Flange connection dimensions as specified in GB/T 9113.1. And limited in the flange end connection, do not allow the welding method of connection. The installation and connection of industrial pipeline will not affect product quality due to welding. The determination of liner thickness is not only a scientific problem, but also a practical economic problem. Fluorine lining thick waste expensive fluorine plastics, thin lining can not meet the use requirements. Because fluorine plastics are polymer materials, they have the characteristics of absorbing a small amount of gas in contact with them. With the increase of temperature, the volume of the materials expands and the intermolecular voids increase, and the permeation and absorption increase. Penetration can only be reduced by a proper increase in thickness. Therefore, in the lining design, the use of thickness to compensate for this defect. It is proved by test that the thickness of lining layer δ ≥ 2mm is more suitable. And as the valve size increases,

Quality Specification of FEP Powder for the valve lining DS605





White powder

Melting point



Main Applications of FEP Powder for the valve lining DS605

DS605,DS606 are mainly for the valve lining.

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