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FEP Powder Spraying

FEP Powder Spraying

FEP Powder Spraying DS606
1:Appearance: white powder
2:Melting Index: 0.8-2.0 g/10min
3:Application: Valve lining
4:Package: 25kg per drum
5:Stored in clean,cool and dry places

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Product Details

FEP Powder for the valve lining

The Introduction of FEP Powder Spraying DS606

Processable fluoropolymer

Fluorinated ethylene propylene powder (DS606)

FEP was identified as the ideal material because it is completely inert and non contaminating. Additionally, being a true thermoplastic, it can be vacuum formed and welded.

The fabricated liners were thermoformed from  extruded FEP film. The film was vacuum formed in two parts and welded to form a circular tank construction. The top half of the tank was designed to pull down and expel the water under zero-g conditions. The lower half of the tank is bonded onto the tank's inner shell.Almost complete expulsion of the liquid was required. The stainless steel tank was then over wrapped with filament wound carbon fiber..

The Quality Specification of FEP Powder Spraying DS606





White powder

Melting point



Main Applications of FEP Powder Spraying DS606

DS605,DS606 are mainly for the valve lining.

Fluoroplastic lining gate valve

The typical structure of flange-connected fluoroplastic lining gate valve is basically the same as that of conventional universal valve, and it complies with the general technical conditions of general valve. The difference is that there is a layer of fluorine plastic inside the lining, so it is difficult to manufacture. Mold making is more complex, production cost is high. So fluoroplastic lining valves are more expensive than similar universal valves.

Fluoroplastic lining stop valve

Because of the reasons of moulding process, there is no general stop valve-shaped flow channel design. These fluoroplastic lining globe valves that appear in the market are more reasonable in structure, the fluid is straight through or direct current, and the mold is not difficult to make. Easy to mould forming. Fluoroplastic lined globe valves have a closure (disc or ball disc), just like conventional globe valves. Seat pass changes proportional to disc stroke or equal percentage. The disc moves up and down with the seat under the action of the stem, and the bonnet and stem are provided with upper seal.


The processing temperature should not exceed 400°C, to prevent toxic gas from releasing.

Package,transportation and storage of FEP Powder Spraying DS606

1. Packed in double layer PVC bags,25kg,then closed in over packbags,every bag with certification.

2. Stored in clean,cool and dry places,avoid contamination from foreign substances.

3. Nontoxic,noninflammable,inexplosive,non-corrosion,the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

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