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FEP Powder Thermoplastic Process

FEP Powder Thermoplastic Process

FEP Powder for the valve lining DS606
1:Appearance: white powder
2:Melting Index: 0.8-2.0 g/10min
3:Application: Valve lining
4:Package: 25kg per drum
5:Stored in clean,cool and dry places

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Product Details

FEP Powder for the valve lining

The Introduction of  FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS606

Processable fluoropolymer

Fluorinated ethylene propylene powder (DS606)

The production of FEP lining valves is a complicated and heavy process. Besides the molding technology, the production cost, raw material supply and environmental impact should be taken into account. Compression and plastic molding is one of the most effective methods for fluoroplastic lining valve application. It is to put a certain amount of fluorine plastics (powder, granular, fibrous, flake and debris) into the molding cavity, and then close them. It is heated to a certain temperature in the heating furnace and melted under pressure. The shape of the cavity is obtained by filling the whole cavity slowly. With the increase of chemical reaction degree of fluorine plastics, the melt gradually loses its fluidity and becomes a non-melt shape structure and becomes a solid. After cooling to a certain temperature, it opens the mold and becomes the finished product, thus completing the molding process.

The Quality Specification of FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS606





White powder

Melting point



Main Applications of FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS606

DS605,DS606 are mainly for the valve lining.


The processing temperature should not exceed 400°C, to prevent toxic gas from releasing.

Package,transportation and storage of FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS606

1. Packed in double layer PVC bags,25kg,then closed in over packbags,every bag with certification.

2. Stored in clean,cool and dry places,avoid contamination from foreign substances.

3. Nontoxic,noninflammable,inexplosive,non-corrosion,the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

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