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FEP Powder Valve Lining

FEP Powder Valve Lining

FEP Powder for the valve lining The Introduction of FEP Powder Thermoplastic processing DS606 Pump and Valve Lining Processable fluoropolymer Fluorinated ethylene propylene powder (DS606) The fluorine - lined plastic valve ( known as Teflon valve ) has been developed in the 1970s and has been...

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Product Description

The fluorine - lined plastic valve ( known as Teflon valve ) has been developed in the 1970s and has been developed in the 1970s . Due to the particularity of valve structure , the original fluoroplastic valve mainly concentrates on the simple variety of cock valve and ball valve . It is mainly used for strong acid , strong base and solvent substances in petrochemical pipeline .

However , it is difficult for a valve made of fluoroplastic to be suitable for work under high temperature and high pressure .

Fluoroplastic refers to the general name of a kind of high molecular synthetic material containing fluorine atom in molecular structure . It is a kind of synthetic resin composed of fluorine - containing unsaturated monomer self - polymerization and copolymerization of fluorine - unsaturated monomer .

In 1934 , Scherer and Schloffer first discovered poly ( trifluorovinyl chloride ) ( PCTFE ) . In 1938 , Dupont developed polytetrafluoroethylene and realized industrialization in 1949 . Then British ICI , Germany undefined s hoechse , Japan undefined s big gold industry and Montefiaos in Italy were put into production , and our country realized industrial production in Shanghai in 1958 .

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White powder

Melting point



Main Applications

1. DS605,DS606 are mainly for the valve lining.

2. Wire and cable insulation, small tubing and injection molded parts .

3. Extruded or moulded components for the chemical industry; jackets for wire and cable applications demanding a high degree of stress crack resistance 3. Telecommunication cable jacketing.

4. Industrial film 5. Fabric and film coating; heat sealable top coatings for PTFE coated fabrics used for belting, circuit boards or electrical insulation, cast film and as hot melt adhesive for bonding molded PTFE or FEP.

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