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FEP Pellet Film Application

FEP Pellet Film Application

FEP Pellet Film Application DS610
1:Appearance:Translucent Particles
2:Melting Index:4.1-12 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength:21Mpa Min
4:Dielectric Constant:2.15
5:Package: 25kg per Bag

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Product Details

Introduction of FEP Pellet Film Application DS610

FEP Resin DS610 Processable  fluoropolymer

FEP can be welded without using high pressure, radiation resistance, radiation and ultraviolet radiation can be crosslinked. FEP is transparent, low cold flow, low temperature, low melting point (265 ~ 285 ℃), similar decomposition temperature (> 390 ℃), high dielectric loss angle tangent value and volume resistivity at high temperature (200 ℃). The products of FEP are non-caking fine powder, lentil or columnar particles (as shown in figure 1-4), powder used to make molded products, extruded film and powder spraying, pellets used to make high-strength free film, wire insulation and sheath, etc. Pipes, etc., as die-casting products.

FEP is produced by free-radical polymerization of mixtures of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. The mixture is biased to compensate for the relatively low reactivity of the propylene component. The process is typically initiated with peroxydisulfate, which homolyzes to generate sulfate radicals. Because FEP is poorly soluble in almost all solvents, the polymerization is conducted as an emulsion in water, often using a surfactant such as perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS). The polymer contains about 5% of the propylene component.

In the construction industry, fluorine resins are mainly used as structural materials, special ground construction materials, protective coatings (non-stick, corrosion resistant, weatherproof) in the form of films, coatings, reinforcement and composite materials. Non-combustible, etc., beautifying and decorating works and buildings, etc. The main building fluorine resin materials in use are: PTFE ,PVDF, FEP ,ETFE.

Quality Specification of FEP Pellet Film Application DS610








Translucent particles,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%

Melting Index




Tensile strength



Elongation at break



Relative Gravity



Melting point



Dielectric constant


Dissipation Factor





Heat stress Cracking Resistance


Main Applications of FEP Pellet Film Application DS610:

FEP Resin DS610: Extrusion processed for generic type resin,mainly used for wire insulation layer,tubes,film and so on.

FEP insulated wire and cables are used in high temperature applications and harsh environments. FEP insulation is inert in most chemical environments and exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures.  FEP insulated wire and cable displays very low flammability, excellent weather resistance and electrical stability.  FEP insulated wire performing well in temperatures ranging from -200° C to +200° C (-328° F to +392° F) is commonly used in chemical, electrical, and medical applications.

FEP Wire Insulation

FEP wire Insulation.png

FEP  Tube

FEP Extruded Tube.png

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