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FEP Resin Cable Application

FEP Resin Cable Application

FEP Resin Cable Application DS602
1:Appearance: Translucent Particles
2:Melting Index:0.8-2.0 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength 27Mpa Min
4:Ralative Gravity:2.15-2.17
5:Package: 25kg per Bag

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Introduction of FEP Resin Cable Application DS602

FEP has excellent heat resistance, low friction, non-viscosity and lubricity, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal stability and electrical insulation, plus melting processing, so it is widely used and easy to manufacture. In the copolymerization of hexafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, the reactivity of hexafluoropropylene is much smaller than that of tetrafluoroethylene. The copolymerization composition of perfluoroethylene propylene can be determined by IR and NMR spectra. Generally speaking, the crystallinity of perfluoroethylene propylene is only about 50%. The crystalline morphology was observed by electron microscope. The crystallization of perfluoroethylene propylene was spherulite structure, and the spherulite was formed by the agglomeration of sheet crystal.

The reaction formula is shown in figure


Quality Specification of FEP Resin for Cable application DS602






Translucent particles,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%

Melting Index



Tensile strength≥



Elongation at break ≥



Relative Gravity



Melting point



Dielectric constant


Dissipation Factor





Heat stress Cracking Resistance


Main Applications of FEP Resin Cable Application DS602

FEP Resin DS602: The low melting index resin and heat stress cracking resistant moulding plastic,used for stress cracking resistant requiring and low or medium speed processing,mainly for heat shrinkable tubes,pumps,valves,piping and lining,wire insulation layer.

The transparent film with thickness of 0.012-0.040mm can be obtained by biaxial stretching of FEP and other fluorinated resin extruded casting films. At a temperature below the melting point, the molecular chains of the polymer are arranged in the tensile direction. The properties are isotropic for equal biaxial stretching. In fact, the longitudinal orientation of the bidirectional stretching film is higher, while the bidirectional blow molding film is more close to the isotropic. FEP sheet with properties: those whose thickness exceeds 0.25mm are usually referred to as sheets, while those thinner than them are called thin films. The main point of wide sheet extrusion is to balance the discharge speed of flat die at each transverse point. In order to adjust the flow resistance at the middle and both ends of the flat head, the flat head is commonly used. A large number of adjustment screws on the flat head can control the gap spacing between the die lips, adjust the temperature of many temperature measuring points, and balance the extrusion speed of the sheet. Immediately after extrusion of the sheet into the three-roll cooling. The temperature of the cooling roll depends on the thickness of the sheet, production rate and product finish requirements. The sheet should normally be kept at 110 ℃ before entering the polishing roll. However, the transverse temperature distribution of the cooling roll should be balanced and the deviation should not exceed 1.5 ℃. FEP extrusion sheet with thickness of 0.30mm has a width of 2.5 m. It can be used as a secondary processing profile for further drilling, machining and welding.

FEP Pellet for wire insulation layer.jpg

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