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FEP Resin Film Application

FEP Resin Film Application

FEP Resin Film Application DS610
1:Appearance:Translucent Particles
2:Melting Index:4.1-12 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength:21Mpa Min
4:Dielectric Constant:2.15
5:Package: 25kg per Bag

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Introduction of FEP Resin Film Application DS610

FEP Resin DS610 Processable  fluoropolymer

FEP has sufficient thermal stability and cold resistance. Long-term service temperature of-90 ~ 200 ℃, in this temperature range of products to maintain stable size. The melt viscosity of FEP is 1 03~105Pa SZ at 300 ℃, which has high thermal stability, so it is easy to be processed by general method.

FEP is resistant to all solvents, concentrated acids, bases, oxidants, except molten alkali metals, fluorine, certain fluorides such as ClF3 at high temperatures, ethanol, benzene, Carbon tetrachloride 98% sulfuric acid 96% nitric acid (fumigate 35% hydrofluoric acid 35% hydrochloric acid 50% liquid base) did not change.

Polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP) is one of the fluorine plastics. Polyfluoroethylene propylene tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoroethylene Fluoropropylene random copolymers, F-46 (F-46) for short FEP, belong to thermoplastic plastics. It has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical property and electrical property, outstanding surface nonstickiness and good mechanical strength. It is a kind of high performance material. It is widely used in spaceflight, chemistry, electronics, telecommunication, textile, medical machinery, petroleum and other industries.

Quality Specification of FEP Resin Film Application DS610








Translucent particles,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%

Melting Index




Tensile strength



Elongation at break



Relative Gravity



Melting point



Dielectric constant


Dissipation Factor





Heat stress Cracking Resistance


Main Applications of FEP Resin Film Application DS610:

FEP Resin DS610: Extrusion processed for generic type resin,mainly used for wire insulation layer,tubes,film and so on.



The processing temperature should be not exceed 420°C,to prevent toxic gas from releasing.

Package,Transportation and storage of FEP Resin Film Application DS610

Packed in double layer PVC bags,then closed to over pack bags,25kg.Every bag with certification.

Stored in clean,cool and dry places,avoid contamination form foreign substance such as dust and moisture.

Nontoxic,noninflammable,inexplosive,no corrosion,the products are transported according to non-dangerous product.

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