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FEP Resin Medium Speed Process

FEP Resin Medium Speed Process

FEP Resin Medium speed Process DS602
1:Appearance: Translucent Particles
2:Melting Index:0.8-2.0 g/10min
3:Tensile Strength 27Mpa Min
4:Ralative Gravity:2.15-2.17
5:Package: 25kg per Bag

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Introduction of FEP Resin DS602 Medium speed Process

FEP Resin Medium speed Process DS602  Processable  fluoropolymer

Perfluorinated ethylene-propylene coplymer(DS602)

Perfluoroethylene is one of the fluoroplastics. Perfluoroethylene propylene is tetrafluoroethylene and six.The random copolymer of fluorine and propylene, referred to as fluorine -46 (or F-46) for short FEP, belongs to the thermoplastic plastics . It has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical and electrical properties, outstanding surface unstickiness and better.The mechanical strength is a high performance material widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronics, telecommunications, textile, medical machinery, petroleum and other industries.In the chemical industry, polyfluoroethylene propylene (FEP) components are used as corrosion resistance barrier or anti sticky lining of metal equipment, such as ball valves in the lining, diaphragm valves in lining, etc.. Polyfluoroethylene propylene pipe is transparent and can be used as a corrosion resistant liquid surface tube. Glass composite used as a solar collector for domestic solar collector. Polyfluoroethylene propylene film. Pipes and parts are superior to polytetrafluoroethylene as low temperature sealing materials and have good bonding force to metal or glass. They are often used as electrodes in polytetrafluoroethylene welding.

Quality Specification of  FEP Resin DS602 Medium speed Process






Translucent particles,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%

Melting Index



Tensile strength≥



Elongation at break ≥



Relative Gravity



Melting point



Dielectric constant


Dissipation Factor





Heat stress Cracking Resistance


Main Applications of FEP Resin DS602 Medium speed Process:

FEP Resin DS602: The low melting index resin and heat stress cracking resistant moulding plastic,used for stress cracking resistant requiring and low or medium speed processing,mainly for heat shrinkable tubes,pumps,valves,piping and lining,wire insulation layer.


The processing temperature should be not exceed 420°C,to prevent toxic gas from releasing.

Package,Transportation and storage of FEP Resin DS602 Medium speed Process

Packed in double layer PVC bags,then closed to over pack bags,25kg.Every bag with certification.

Stored in clean,cool and dry places,avoid contamination form foreign substance such as dust and moisture.

Nontoxic,noninflammable,inexplosive,no corrosion,the products are transported according to non-dangerous product.

"High quality, reasonable price ,Prompt delivery and considerate service after sales" is our principle for our customers.

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