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Fluoropolymer PTFE Material

Fluoropolymer PTFE Material

Fluoropolymer PTFE Material,Fluoropolymer PTFE Molding Powder The main application field of Fluoropolymer PTFE Fluoroplastic cable has high chemical stability and chemical corrosion resistance. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, high temperature resistance and flame retardancy. The...

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Fluoropolymer PTFE Material,Fluoropolymer PTFE Molding Powder





Grade A




white sheet  surface,even texture,no metal residue quantity(<0.5mm)≤2


Tensile strength(Mpa)≥




Elong.At Rupture(%)≥




Volume Density(g/L)



Residue on Sieve(65um)(%)≤



Moisture content(%)≤



Melting point(°C)



Stand Relative Density



Thermal Inst. Index≤



Electric Strength(Kv/mm)



For check

Executed According to requiement of HQ/T2903-1997


For process

For molding



The resin are mainly used as insulating film for electric,the products of thin wall,seal,gasket,club,panel,tube,axletree,seal ring,and loop etc.



1.PTFE is packed in double layer PVC bags inside and in hard circular barrels outside. On the barrel,there should be attached label and quality certificate, on which there are brand,trademark,executive criterion,type,grade,lot No. and net content,pack date,checker and packer.                              2.PTFE should be stored in clean dry warehouse to pervent from dust,moisture,etc,foreign matters.                           3.The products are transported according to non-dangerous products.Heat,moisture,freezing and strong shock should be avoided during transportation.Over-bumpiness and compression is apt to make the resin bind together.                                      

The main application field of Fluoropolymer PTFE

Fluoroplastic cable has high chemical stability and chemical corrosion resistance. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, high temperature resistance and flame retardancy. The application field of fluoroplastic cable is very wide. The main application fields of fluoroplastic cable are introduced below.

1. High frequency data transmission wires and cables

Fluoropolymer PTFE plastics (F4) not only have outstanding electrical insulation, but also have low dielectric constant, especially low loss factor and dielectric strength in a wide service temperature range and frequency range. The dielectric constant (2. 3 ~ 2. 1), volume resistivity and surface resistivity remain good until their glass transition temperature is not affected by temperature, they have low hygroscopicity and their dielectric properties are seldom affected by humidity. Fluoropolymer PTFE  (F4) has no change in electrical properties over time; it is inert to almost all chemicals and solvents and can maintain its excellent properties even at high temperatures and pressures.Fluoropolymer PTFE is especially suitable for data transmission cables that require low attenuation. Therefore, they are used to insulate RF cables on occasions where high temperature resistance and fire resistance are required, which is conducive to improving the quality of transmission signals. Fluoropolymer PTFE polymer is used as insulation layer and outer sheath.

2. Automobile Industry

 Another important use of PTFE plastics is to use them as connectors under harsh conditions at a maximum temperature of 250 ℃. PTFE PTFE insulated cables can be tested for oil resistance to UL standard 80 ℃, PTFE PTFE insulated wires are also used in many places in cars, such as cables for automatic transmission for corroded oil, gasoline oil level sensors, brake friction sensors, etc.

3.Construction Industry

With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase of high-rise buildings in our country, people have strengthened their understanding of the fire of wire and cable, and the requirements for fire prevention of cables in various fields are becoming higher and higher. In addition, due to the restrictions of space, the diameter of cables and wires is required to be small. The high thermal stability, high flame retardancy and low loss of fluoropolymer PTFE plastics with large carrier capacity have become the focus of attention. The use of fluoropolymer PTFE insulation for special occasions can meet the above requirements. fluoropolymer PTFE plastic insulated wire and cable to expand a field.

4.Petroleum industry

Since the steam temperature needed to be injected is as high as 300 ℃ and the pressure can reach 20 MPa, the oil well is in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment all the year round, so how to overcome the harsh environment for cables working in this high-temperature and high-pressure environment, The transmission of downhole logging data to the well has become an important issue. Fluoroplastic cables have high temperature resistance, can be maintained at 300 ℃ high temperature, and have excellent pressure resistance. Therefore, there are more and more extensive applications in the petroleum industry.

5. Power Industry

 The application environment of wire and cable in power industry is very complicated, high temperature (stator, rotor, inlet of air cooler), immersion liquid (oil tank, tubing, pipe and transformer), easy to be damaged by machinery (machine pit, wind tunnel). The requirements for the cable are very harsh. Fluoroplastic cables can effectively overcome these harsh conditions and are suitable for use. High temperature resistant cable in power industry

6. Space flight and aviation

Wire and cable are the materials that connect the power supply with the electrical equipment and the electrical equipment to form the aircraft electric network. With the development of aviation industry and the improvement of aircraft performance and the renewal of airborne equipment, the amount of information transmitted by aircraft increases gradually, which plays the role of "nerve" and "blood vessel" transmission line in the whole aircraft system. The demand for its performance is also getting higher and higher. Especially in the complex internal environment of aircraft, the application of wire and cable should take into account not only its electrical, mechanical and chemical properties, but also the matching relation of electric network, anti-interference ability, capacity of load current, using environment, mechanical strength, etc. Factors such as cable protection. Fluoroplastic cables, with their lightweight, anti-jamming and excellent physical and chemical properties, are playing an increasingly important role in aerospace.

 Other Industry

Fluoropolymer PTFE insulated wire and cable are mainly used for heating wires for household appliances, automatic control cables for electric detection of chemical equipment, halogen lamp foam fixed frame lead wires, thermocouple wires; Special oil well drilling equipment data recording cable. Fluoroplastic cable has been applied more and more in industrial automation control. Fluoroplastic cable is a good choice in high temperature environment such as metallurgy, petrochemical, power station and so on. In addition, fluoroplastic cables can be widely used in high-rise buildings, underground shopping malls, tunnels, guesthouses and hospitals because of their flame retardancy and less smoke when burning.

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