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Fluoropolymer PVDF

Fluoropolymer PVDF is a crystalline polymer with low melting point (about 160 ℃), high mechanical strength, high toughness, wear resistance, cutting resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good electrical properties (high dielectric constant). Fluoropolymer PVDF also has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance and processability. At the same time, Fluoropolymer PVDF has low processing temperature, good melt flow, and can be made into tubes, plates, rods, films and fibers. Soluble in some organic solvents. Fluoropolymer PVDF has important applications in the following fields: first, ideal anticorrosive materials for chemical equipment, especially suitable for use in acid, organic solvents, halogens and their mixtures; second, widely used in electronic and electrical industries, such as computer wires, The third is the outer coating of optical fiber, the film of capacitor with high dielectric constant and the electric cable, etc.
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