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About ethylene film
- May 17, 2018 -

The ETFE membrane has a service life of at least 25-35 years and is an ideal material for permanent multi-storey movable roof structures. The membrane material is mainly used for two or three layers of inflatable support structure with a span of 4 meters, and can also increase the span of membrane according to the geometric and climatic conditions of special projects. The length of the membrane is easy to install as a standard, generally 15-30 meters. Small span single layer structure can also be used for smaller specifications.

The ETFE film reaches the B1 and DIN4102 fire grade standard, and it will not drip when burning. The film is light in weight and only 0.15-0.35 kg per square metre. This characteristic makes it even have considerable advantages even in the case of film melting caused by smoke and fire.

According to the position and surface printing, the transmittance of ETFE film can reach as high as 95%. The material does not block the transmission of ultraviolet light and other light so as to ensure the natural light inside the building. Through surface printing, the translucency of the material can be further reduced to 50%. According to the geometric conditions and the number of layers, the K value can be as high as 2.0W/m2K. The energy consumption index can be achieved by 0.77 of three layers of printed film.