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Brief introduction of the application of PVDF tube in the photovoltaic industry
- Jul 06, 2018 -

At present, the PVDF products industry in China is in the beginning stage, and the domestic demand for PVDF pipe products is becoming more and more large, and the application field of PVDF products is becoming more and more wide. Especially in recent years, with the government's strong support to clean energy in the photovoltaic industry, a large number of photovoltaic equipment manufacturers have come into being, and the photovoltaic industry is born. The required photovoltaic equipment accessories are also becoming more and more prosperous, in order to give an example of the cleaning machine needed in the process of producing solar silicon wafers. Many parts of the interior of the cleaning machine, including the material of the main shaft, are all PVDF material, because PVDF is completely resistant to the nitric acid produced by the cleaning of silicon wafers, and is one of the good materials.

However, although PVDF pipe is widely used in the photovoltaic industry, but the number of PVDF tubes used on the cleaning machine is mostly heteromorphic thick wall tube and the number is very small, the size is strict, the general customer needs to process the silk thread, the wall thickness of the national standard pipe is difficult to meet the customer's demand, and the raw material consumption of the PVDF pipe in production is seriously raised. High production costs, so the price will be much higher, often a lot of customers daily inquiry, but the last few transactions, customers are very difficult to accept. This is one of the reasons why PVDF pipe manufacturers are avoiding customers in the field of photovoltaic equipment industry. According to this situation, Cangzhou Huaxi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has carefully summed up the PVDF thick wall special-shaped tube which can adapt to the requirements of most customers for many years. The company invested about 500000 yuan to clean all the products. All the common PVDF pipe mills on top of the machine have done the stock of the specifications, one is also shipped, and the production is carried out in batch. So the price is not higher than that of the general national standard pipe, and it has been highly appraised by the customers of the photovoltaic industry. The Chinese people believe that with the government's constant attention to the photovoltaic industry and the great policy aspects Support, Huaxiang plastic industry will be equipped with photovoltaic power car to go farther and farther.

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