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What Is the FEP Application in Wire and Cable Field(2)
- Jun 08, 2018 -

      In the electronic industry , FEP is used as insulating material and can be used in environment with high temperature difference of 180 - 220 DEG C . Its thin - diameter electric wire is used in electronic computer and telephone exchange station . Its thick insulating electric wire is used in temperature regulator and blower .

     With the characteristics of FEP , it becomes an important raw material for high value - added products such as semiconductors , wires and cables , thus supporting the rapid development of IT industry and electronics industry in the United States .

      The annual demand for FEP in the United States is about $ 275 million , keeping a 7.2 per cent annual growth rate . With further development of the communications industry , the demand for foreign FEP in the field of wire and cable will maintain a strong growth momentum . The consumption of FEP in foreign countries exceeded 20,000 tons in 2006 , and continued to grow to 24,000 tons in 2010 . According to the related news , the EU used cables for high - rise buildings . In recent years , the use of FEP in the EU has increased rapidly . With the rapid increase of the demand of FEP in recent years , the shortage of FE P in China has become more and more prominent , and it is urgent to accelerate the development . In China , the production of FE P is relatively small , but the growth rate is very fast .

      The material can be made into granular products for extrusion and molding , as powders for fluidized bed and electrostatic coating , and can be made into water dispersions . Semi - finished products have films , plates , rods and single fibers . The main uses of FEP in U . S . market are the linings of DUIPONTs , the Neoflo brand of Daikin , and IHoustackers , Inc . , which are used to make pipes and chemical equipment , surfaces of rollers , and various electric wires and cables , such as airplane hook wire , booster cable , alarm cable , flat cable and oil well logging cable . FEP films have been found to be used as thin coatings for solar collectors . Medically used as prosthetic heart valves and small airways .

      FEP electric wire cable has become the " darling " in the electronic and electrical industry , which is more optimistic about the current situation and future of FEP demand in our country . Therefore , it is necessary to know more about the product composition structure , processing technology and precautions in the process of FEP wire .

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