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Gold Industry Hard to Catch Gold Fluorine Chemical Industry to be Upgraded
- May 31, 2018 -

In view of the contradiction between the surplus production capacity and disorderly competition in the fluorine chemical industry and the lack of innovative ability for high-end products, the industry is focusing on the development of industrial innovation driven development and striving to make breakthroughs in the fields of fluorine containing fine chemicals and equipment technology development. This is the Chinese chemical newspaper reporter held in Sanming City, Fujian, in June 26th. Information on the national innovation and development forum for fluorine chemical industry.

The reporter has learned from the China fluorosilicsi organic material industry association that the fluorine chemical products have been widely used in various fields, especially the emerging industries in recent years. However, the current industry independent innovation ability is weak, the industrial and product structure is out of balance, and the development model of the quantity has gone to the end. According to the national "12th Five-Year" new material industry development In the fluorine chemical industry, it is necessary to establish a fluorine material industry system with large scale, strong independent innovation ability and a complete set of industry, and cultivate a batch of core enterprises with core competitiveness to form a batch of industrial bases with reasonable layout, distinctive features and industrial agglomeration. At present, there are still no small gaps.PVDF.jpg

Yan Yongsheng, chief engineer of Fujian sea blue chemical company, said that fluorine chemical products, with excellent performance, have become an important field of rapid development, high technical content and good prospects in chemical industry. The data show that the annual consumption of fluorine and chemical products in the world has increased by about 4% in recent years, while Chinaundefineds growth rate is more than 15%. and the current fluorine chemical industry in China is more than now. The industry is in trouble because of the weakness in the basic research and Application Research of high-end products. The fluorinated salt has been developed for more than 50 years in China. At present, the production capacity of industrial grade aluminum fluoride, ammonium fluoride, potassium fluoride, fluorine sodium and other bulk products is serious, while the electronic grade, toothpaste grade and optical grade fluorine chemicals are due to foreign companiesundefined technology. Barriers, domestic supply is seriously insufficient, fluorine containing fine chemicals market has broad prospects.

The leader of Tuo Fu (Inner Mongolia) Chemical Co., Ltd. said that the domestic enterprises export the low value-added fluorine intermediates as raw materials, and the large foreign companies enjoy the high value-added and excess profit of the high-end products. In this regard, the state should formulate special regulations on the development of the fluorine chemical industry and the establishment of the industrial fund in this field. The proportion of state FEP Tube.pngfinancial equity investment should be put to enterprises with mineral resources to consolidate the industrial foundation.

The technical development of the related equipment in fluorine chemical industry is behind the technological development of the technology, which has aroused concern. Ying Shengrong, general manager of Zhejiang Quzhou Dingsheng chemical science and technology company, proposed that the related equipment of fluorine chemical industry should be innovative and must implement four targets of precision, miniaturization, modularization and intelligentization. Therefore, cross industry cooperation must be carried out for this purpose. The chemical equipment manufacturing enterprise should cooperate with the enterprises with precision processing ability; the miniaturized and modular design should have the joint participation of the material subject, the mechanical manufacturing, the chemical technology and many other industries, and the intelligence should have the cooperation in many fields, such as software design, computer application, sensor design and so on.

Cheng Pengying, director of the Sanming City economic and Trade Commission, believes that the industrial chain layout should be carried out in the source link of the park construction, and the high standard investment is an effective way to realize the high-end development of fluorine chemical industry. Relying on the rich local fluorite resources, Sanming City will introduce deep processing enterprises through inorganic fluorides, fluorine containing refrigerants, fluoropolymer materials and fluorine fine. The development of chemical industry chain will promote the serialization and cluster development of local fluorine chemical industry.

China Fluorosilicic organic material industry association also said that in the second half of the year will select key areas, enterprises to carry out research, comprehensive grasp of the industry problems, understand the causes of overcapacity, characteristics and trends, research put forward measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of the measures to resolve the contradiction of overcapacity.

Prospect of fluorine chemical industry

Zhang Zengying, Secretary General of the Zhejiang fluorine chemical industry association: aromatic fluorine containing intermediates are the earliest and most fully developed series products with fluorine fine chemical intermediates. Over 60% of them have been overdeveloped, but some of them still have space for development, including three fluoromethyl benzene series, three fluorine. Methylation has become one of the important means of developing new pesticides and pharmaceuticals. In addition, some fluorine-containing aldehydes, nitriles, ketones and so on will also have good market space in the future.

FEP Cable.pngZhu Zhoubo, manager of the Ministry of mineral resources of the China fluorite special committee: the world fluorite resources are gradually exhausted and the development strategy needs to be adjusted. The flotation separation technology of fluorite is the foundation of the fluorine chemical industry. It is suggested to strengthen the ore property and mineral processing technology of the fluorine resources, especially the flotation reagents and the fluorine minerals and the calcite, barite and stone. In addition, the interaction between fluorite and other salt minerals and silicate minerals should be further systematically studied, especially the effects of ions on the floatability of fluorite, and the development of new collector should be strengthened. In the case of amphoteric and multifunctional fluorite collector, we should try to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical products for industrial application.

Jiao Zhanzhong, general manager of Shandong Zibo Hai Hui engineering design consulting company: in the development process of inorganic fluorine chemical industry, the comprehensive utilization of fluorosilicic acid must be further strengthened. For example, fluosilicic acid fluidized bed production of dry process aluminum fluoride, fluorosilicic acid production fluorite powder, fluorosilicic acid production of aluminum fluoride and cryolite CO production of white carbon black technology, etc. The source of fluorine in China will be from the past two aspects: Fluorite and fluorine.