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High Performance Fluorine Resin
- Jul 23, 2018 -

          The fluorine chemical industry of our country started in the 1950undefineds. Many fluorine chemical projects are based on fluorite resources and are mainly primary products of fluorine chemical industry. Since the beginning of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the demand for fluorine chemical industry has grown rapidly, and high profits have led to fluorine chemical industry becoming the gold industry. More and more enterprises regard fluorine chemical industry as the new growth point of enterprise performance, and the capacity of fluorine chemical industry expands rapidly. The peak time of fluorine chemical industry appeared in 2011, after the peak, the problem of overcapacity gradually appeared, the profit margin of the industry decreased year by year, and the fluorine chemical industry index fell all the way. But prices have been rising until 2017. China, the United States, Japan and the European Union have formed four major fluorine production and consumption zones in the world. Fluorine chemical industry covers a series of sub-industries, to analyze the reason why the fluorine chemical industry index falls, we must first understand a series of subdivision fields of fluorine chemical industry. Fluorine chemical industry is an important branch of new material industry. It can be divided into inorganic fluorine chemical industry and organic fluorine chemical industry.Fluoropolymer pvdf.jpg




            From the perspective of various fluorine products, fluorochlorane has entered a recession period, and its substitutes will have a broad market. The previously mentioned fluorine chemical overcapacity is mainly concentrated in the fluorochlorane field. Products such as refrigerant R22, R134a, R125 and other products have a capacity utilization rate of only about 50%, with small and medium-sized enterprises mostly on the verge of closure. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the main product of fluorine resin, has entered the mature stage, the competition is becoming more and more intense, the overcapacity is beginning to appear, the remaining products may enter into the period of high speed growth, the fluorine rubber may usher in a wave of growth trend with the development of automobile industry in our country. Fluorine coatings will grow with the growth of the construction and chemical industry, while fluorine-containing fine chemicals will be made at the high end, and the rise of precision manufacturing will be extremely imaginable.


           Organic fluorides also known as "fluoropolymer", our daily contact with more "non-stick pot" is fluorinated polymer-Teflon as a coating product application. Teflon is actually transliterated by Teflon, a registered trademark used by DuPont on a range of fluoropolymer products. Fluoroplastic resin trademark, now renamed Comu



 Fluoropolymer PTFE Powder.jpg


PTFE is the largest consumption of fluoropolymers, accounting for 51.22% of the total consumption of fluoropolymer, other fluorine resins account for 37.86% of the total consumption of fluoropolymer, fluorine rubber accounts for 10.92% of the total consumption of fluoropolymer. In terms of the regional distribution of consumption, the United States accounts for 28.40 percent of the total consumption of fluorine resins in the world, Western Europe 21.35, Japan 9.05, China 29.50, and other countries and regions 11.65. China has become the worldundefineds largest consumption of fluoropolymer countries.



       Domestic fluorine chemical industry mainly to refrigerant, general purpose PTFE engineering plastic model and fluoride salt. High-end fluorine-containing resins, fluorinated functional materials and fluorine-containing fine chemicals are still far behind foreign countries. The value of fluorine chemical industry lies in the high-end products, the technical barriers of the high-end products often bring deep moat effect to the enterprises, so as to realize the long-term sustainable excess income. According to statistics, the production of fluoropolymer plants and production scale increased rapidly in 2015 / 2016, especially the annual growth rate of production capacity of FEPU PVDF exceeded 20% FEPU PVDF and the annual production of fluorine rubber industry exceeded 10,000 tons. Fluorinated polymers are widely used in electronics, automobile and construction industry because of their chemical resistance, electrical insulation, high temperature resistance and mechanical strength. However, the annual production capacity of FEP PVDF and fluorine rubber sub-industry is 10, 000 tons, compared with the annual production capacity and consumption of 250000 tons and 600 tons of fluorine chemical industry and fluorine rubber industry as a whole, there is great potential for the development of market scale. The State Council officially issued "made in China 2025", the core of which is to speed up the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry and improve quality and efficiency. The key problem that fluorine chemical industry faces during the 13th Five-Year Plan period is how to solve the structural overcapacity, optimize the stock, find the incremental breakthrough point, and realize the transformation and upgrading, the key lies in taking technological innovation as the breakthrough point and looking for the path of transformation and upgrading. We predict that there are opportunities for merger and integration in the refrigerant subsector, while in fluoropolymer subsectors, such as high performance fluorine rubber, modified fluorinated resins and fluorocarbon coatings, downstream cables, wires, nuclear power, medical treatment, semiconductors, etc. Demand from technological innovations and consumer upgrades in areas such as anticorrosion, automotive and industrial coatings attracts more investment. At present, enterprises in the field of fluorine resin in China include Shanghai Sanaifu New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd., Dongyue Group Co., Ltd. And Jinhua Yonghe Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. Large gold fluorine chemical industry, Chenguang Kemu fluorine material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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