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How to Deal with Polyacrylamide after dampness?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

      In hot summer, if the polyacrylamide is not stored well, it is easy to get dampened. It is often called caking. In fact, it is not caking at this time. At this time, it will appear soft and swollen, like a sponge, and grab it with your hands. If this happens, if you throw it away, it will be a pity. It is suggested that once the product has a sponge, we need to open the package and rub it hard, and then we will restore the original particle shape. Can continue to use, but the effect will be slightly lower than before, such as the case of hard kneading can not open, this time can be cut with a knife, a small fast, and then diluted with water, this time the dilution concentration should be small, Do not make the concentration too large, so will slowly dissolve open, in use, such polyacrylamide liquid because the concentration is small, can be added to the medicament slightly more can be used. If the moisture can be returned to the polyacrylamide manufacturer, after drying undefinedcrushedundefined granulation can be used, but the molecular weight will be slightly lower. When such a form of sponge is not used, when the weather is dry in spring, when the moisture in the polyacrylamide sponge evaporates, there will be a caking phenomenon, and a hard foot will be used. Itundefineds not that easy to use at this time.

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