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Let's step into PVDF Coating
- Jun 28, 2018 -

PVDF (poiy vinylidene fluoride) is also called polyvinylidene fluoride. It is a kind of crystallized high polymer with higher stiffness and bearing capacity than the same kind of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), but it has poor smoothness and electrical insulation. It has high strength and toughness at low temperature, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, high dielectric constant, UV resistance and radiation resistance. Low processing temperature, good melt fluidity. It can be extinguished by itself. Especially suitable for acids, organic solvents, halogens and mixtures of other doors.


Product Introduction of PVDF Paint

PVDF paint is made of FluroPolymer (PVDF) fluorine resin and special pigment with special weathering resistance. This coating is the best topcoat for building materials with anticorrosion, wear resistance, pollution resistance and durability.

The Feature of PVDF Paint

1, PVDF coating has super weatherability. It can be used for outdoor use for more than 20 years. It has excellent resistance to rot and chemicals and good penetration resistance.

2, PVDF coating has excellent physical and mechanical properties, good post-processing performance and good resistance to contamination.

3, the PVDF coating has good temperature resistance, and the coating can be used for a long time at -60 - 150 C.


Application of PVDF Coating

PVDF Coatings are suitable for spraying paint used in Building Materials Decoration of Aluminium Alloy G.1 Steel Plate

Storage of PVDF Coating

PVDF paint should be stored at 30 ℃ in a clean, dry environment to avoid dust, moisture and other impurities.

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