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Polyacrylamide is the leader in water treatment industry
- Jun 03, 2018 -

Polyacrylamide is the best in water treatment, and it is also obvious to be seen in the paper industry. Polyacrylamide is widely used as flux, filter aid, dispersant and so on in paper making to improve the quality of paper.cationic Polyacrylamide.jpg

Polyacrylamide is mainly used in papermaking, one is to improve the retention rate of fillers and pigments, the other is to improve the strength of paper. It can also be used in wastewater treatment and fiber recovery in paper-making production.

In the paper industry, polyacrylamide is a large proportion of many products used as flow aid and filter aid. Its mechanism is that the particles in the slurry are flocculated by the action of electric neutralization or bridging, and are kept on the filter cloth. The formation of the floc can also make the water in the slurry filter out more easily, while increasing the retention rate of small fibers and fillers, and reduce the retention rate of the small fibers and fillers. Pollution of the environment, but also can improve the efficiency of filtration and sedimentation equipment.

cationic PAM.jpg

Dispersant is a common additive used in papermaking industry to reduce fiber flocculation, improve paper making and improve the softness and uniformity of paper. The molecular weight of polyacrylamide as dispersant in papermaking is not less than 7 million. The hydrolysis degree of 20%-30%. shows that polypropene amide is generally not added as a dispersant in paper making. The influence of heat and high shearing force can also be recycled for many times, which is beneficial to improving fiber strength and reducing cost.

The Chinese polyacrylamide network should also remind you that the use of Polyacrylamide in the papermaking industry should also pay attention to its solubility, viscosity, time and so on, to prevent the papermaking auxiliaries from completely dissolving and blocking the filter.