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The Application of PVDF tube ultrafiltration membrane
- Jul 09, 2018 -

     PVDF tube ultrafiltration membrane in the actual use of membrane pollution process is always an important topic in the industry. Effective methods for controlling membrane fouling include: proper choice of anti fouling membrane material, enhancement of filtration operation, and pretreatment of raw materials. In the household clean water industry, because of the limit of the operation request, too much help and complex filtering operation are obviously unrealistic, and the filter operation request of the clean water is simple and easy. The raw water of household water purifier is municipal tap water. Ultrafiltration membrane basically does not need to pre treat raw water. Therefore, the best way to control membrane fouling in the process of using ultrafiltration membrane is to choose suitable anti infective membrane materials. PVDF pipe is currently recognized as a highly resistant material in the world. Its PVDF pipe ultrafiltration membrane has much better antifouling performance than other materials. As a polymer containing fluorine, the fluorine has a strong negative polarity, which makes the PVDF membrane not easy to adsorb organic matter and has good anti fouling properties. The membrane structure produced by the PVDF tube is uniform, the pore distribution is average, the membrane surface is small and the inner hole is large PP plate. This structure is also one of the prerequisites for the membrane hole not easy to foul and plug.

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