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The difference between fluorine plastics and fluorine rubber
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Although fluorine plastics and fluorine rubber have fluorine ingredients, but these are two different materials, the composition is very different. By contrast, fluorine rubber soft, fluorine plastics harder, but corrosion resistance are good. In fact, fluorine rubber is easy to identify, but the quality of fluorine rubber is hard to say. Some think it is odour discernible, others think it has to pass a performance test. Some people think that the infrared spectrum is more scientific. The 200 ℃ fluorine rubber heat shrink tube is made from fluorine rubber as the main material. It has excellent properties of high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical reagents. It is especially suitable for heat resistant environment and chemical solvent resistant environment. It is suitable for insulation protection and stress relief of cable harness in these environments to protect electronic and electrical equipment from damage. Compared with other hot shrinkage tubes, 200 ℃ fluorine rubber hot shrinkage pipe not only can resist high temperature, solvent, chemical corrosion, radiation resistance and excellent oil resistance; Moreover, PCBsPCPs, PBBsO PBBOsand PBBDEs of PBBBs, PBBBOss of PBBBs, PBBDBs of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDBs) are not found to be harmful to the environment. They meet the environmental protection requirements of European RoHS environmental protection directive and SONY SS00259 standard. Fluoropolymer is a good corrosion resistant material. It can withstand all strong acids, strong oxidants, reductants and organic solvents except molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and sodium hydroxide at temperatures above 300 ℃. At the same time, it has the property that the prominent surface is not viscous, the known solid material can not adhere to the surface, it is a kind of solid material with the lowest surface energy. Moreover, fluorine plastics have excellent atmospheric aging resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability, even if exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, the surface and properties remain unchanged. And it also has valuable non-combustibility, oxygen limit index below 90. In short, fluorine rubber and fluoroplastics have different properties and characteristics, so the scope of application is also different. When we choose, must combine each aspect factor to consider synthetically after determining.

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