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The Effect of Poly Aluminum Chloride with Solid and Liquid on Industrial is the Same
- Jun 19, 2018 -

       Industrial solid and liquid polyaluminum chloride effect is the same solid transport. The industrial polyaluminium chloridewater purifying agent industry is closely related to every major industry. The role of polyaluminium chloride in industrial application should not be underestimated. The small body plate has great ability, flocculating impurity and precipitating impurity is the ability of polyaluminium chloride. So sewage treatment is not without our industrial polyaluminium chloride. There is also a distinction between liquid and solid in industrial grade polyaluminium chloride.  


      The effect of solid and liquid is the same, but because of the current domestic market, solid transport is more convenient. Many customers think that liquids are cheaper than solid ones, but with packaging and shipping costs, they are almost as expensive as solids, so now they are mostly solid. PAC, an inorganic polymer coagulant, is a physical agent used to remove suspended matter from water. It hydrolyzes in water and forms floc, which can capture all kinds of components in water during settling. To achieve the purpose of clean water. One, the advantages of polyaluminum chloride can be divided into solid and liquid forms, its own characteristics are unchanged, both have,  The flocculant is fast in forming, good in activity and good in filtration. It has strong adaptability and little influence by PH value and temperature of water body. After purification, the raw water reaches the national standard of quoted water, and the water quality after treatment, the content of middle cation and anions is low, which is advantageous to the treatment of ion exchange and the preparation of high purity water. Less corrosive, easy to operate, can improve the labor intensity and working conditions of the dosing process .It has good solubility and high activity. The flocculation of alum in water is larger than that of other inorganic flocculants, and the sedimentation is faster. The purification ability of alum is 2-3 times larger than that of other inorganic flocculants. Can remove heavy metals and radioactive substances pollution of water .Adapt to PH value wide, strong adaptability, wide use. The molecular structure of polyaluminium chloride is large, the adsorption ability is strong, the dosage is low, and the cost of treatment is low.

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