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The Future Market of PTFE products
- Jul 17, 2018 -

     In 1906, the Belgian man Baekeland invented the plastic, and since then it changed the life style of people a century later. It is closely related to our life. How does the polytetrafluoroethylene tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ,PTFE membrane plastic material in the end have been applied so widely.

Natural scarcity of resources, in order to make it a necessity

     Since the traditional mode of production is based on high energy consumption, especially in the machinery industry, a large amount of steel is needed, so in order to sacrifice natural resources and increase the GDP, our country has also paid a heavy environmental price, especially the heavy dependence of the machinery industry on mineral resources, but the mineral resources are also very good. Limited, it is non renewable resources, so the government emphasizes the strategy of sustainable development every year. If there is a product that can be used in every field of machinery instead of steel, the problem of sustainable development will be solved.

     PTFE rods are a kind of PTFE film. It is a kind of polyformaldehyde, with high crystallinity, physical properties, mechanical and chemical properties, and good friction resistance. So it can replace steel in some mechanical fields. In addition, with the improvement of R & D technology, PTFE membrane material will be improved more and more, so the development of plastic generation will be irresistible.

Good performance and a wide range of applications

     The original invention is only used in the petrochemical industry. Later, with the improvement of the refining technology, PTFE membrane has a high strength, high stiffness, good elasticity, wear resistance and electrical insulation, and a few good electrical insulation. It is not affected by temperature and humidity; dielectric constant and dielectric loss vary very small in the wide temperature, humidity and frequency range; the arc resistance is excellent, so it is widely used in the field of mechanical materials. At the same time, the sustainable strategy is concerned, and the state also attaches importance to this field, so in this respect, capital, manpower and material resources are put in a large amount of investment. Enter the national 211 project focus on R & D, then, I believe that in the near future, PEEK, POM, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PCTFE plastic material application area will be more widely in life.

     The social significance of a product also depends on its market economic value. If a product can only be used in a laboratory or part of the field, it will lose its significance. As a result, the production cost is reduced, so the price of plastic materials is not expensive.

And PEEK, POM, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PCTFE engineering plastic material, and more liquid lubricating oil in PEEK, POM, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PCTFE, to improve the wear resistance and limit value. Under the circumstances, its performance is more advantageous, cost-effective, cheaper and easier to popularize.

     Through the analysis, it is not difficult to see that PEEK, POM, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PCTFE engineering plastics, its future market trend is very good. But now there are a lot of fake and inferior products in the market, it is good to disturb the market order. So the consumer must go to the regular company when purchasing the product.

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