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The future of Fluorine Chemical Industry is bright increasingly
- Aug 31, 2018 -

        Fluorine chemical raw materials, fluorite industryundefineds strict access standards have reduced the industry capacity has not increased, but also in many illegal manufacturers under environmental pressure to limit production, prices continue to rise. Hydrofluoric acid, as a dangerous chemical, is subject to unprecedented restrictions on production under the background of the tightening of environmental protection. If the increase in the price of fluorite raw materials is superimposed, the high probability will be maintained, and the prices of products in the entire industrial chain will continue to be pushed up. The refrigerant side, the supply side, Second generation refrigerant production has been frozen, and due to the possible implementation of production quotas in the future, enterprises are less willing to expand their production of third generation refrigerants, and industry supply is expected to remain in short supply. 

        On the demand side, in the short term, the start of the peak season for air conditioners is approaching again, forming a strong demand support for refrigerants. The refrigerant industry is expected to maintain its prosperity, and enterprises with the ability to produce hydrofluoric acid themselves will further expand their profit margins. Products such as PTFE, which contains fluorinated polymers, need to be produced from upstream refrigerants as raw materials. 

        And the manufacturers must have considerable technology accumulation to achieve mass production and product upgrading, industry barriers are deep. At the same time, there is a considerable demand gap in domestic and overseas high-end polymer products, which provides long-term growth opportunities for industry enterprises with R & D capability of high-end polymer products.Inorganic fluorine chemical industry, The traditional fluoride salt, represented by aluminum fluoride, has entered a boom cycle. The main melody is the raw material price and environmental protection high pressure on the supply side of the industry, while the downstream demand keeps steady and increases, which makes the profitability of the product maintain a high level. Meanwhile, the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has bottomed out, and thanks to the high certainty outlook for new energy vehicles, market demand is expected to continue to expand, phase overcapacity will gradually ease, and the industry outlook will improve.

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