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The Introduction of Fluoroplastic Working Performance
- Aug 30, 2018 -

      Fluoroplastics have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, drug resistance, solvent resistance, insulation and high frequency electrical properties. It has the characteristics of non-withered, self-lubricating, low friction coefficient and so on.

      Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), perfluoroethylene (perfluoroethylene) copolymer (FEP) is composed entirely of carbon and fluorine atoms, while polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF),) polyfluoroethylene (PVF) molecule also contains hydrogen atom, and polytrifluorovinyl chloride (PVC) also contains chlorine atom. The excellent properties of fluoroplastics are realized by the high binding energy between carbon atom and fluorine atom. The main chain skeleton of PTFE is carbon atom, which is surrounded by fluorine atom completely, so its various properties are the highest, and other properties of PTFE, with softening point are also changed because of the influence of side group.

      1. Thermal properties: fluoroplastics with flammability and excellent heat resistance. The continuous use temperature of fluoroplastics can reach 260 ℃, and the use temperature of short term. FEP is 60 ℃ lower than theirs. The maximum temperature of PTFE and PFA can be used at 120 ℃. Fluoroplastics, if used at high temperature for a long time, will cause crystallinity change, especially in manufacturing equipment lining. 

      2. Drug resistance: fluoroplastics have excellent drug resistance and solvent resistance, especially PTFE,PFA,FEP, acid, alkali, solvent no corrosion to them. However, molten alkali metals, fluorine and chlorofluorocarbons have different effects on them. PCTFE ETFEPVDF is slightly less resistant in fluorine plastics, but it is much better than other plastics in corrosion resistance. 

      3.Electrical properties: the electrical properties of fluoroplastics, especially the high frequency electrical properties, are difficult for other materials to match. The polarity of the FEPFA molecule is very low, and the change in the wide temperature and frequency range is very small, the relative dielectric constant is stable, and the dielectric loss is very low. Excellent electrical insulation. PVDF also has specific piezoelectric and focal electrical properties, which can be used to manufacture piezoelectric materials. 

      4. Mechanical properties: hydrogen in fluorine plastics molecules and chlorine atoms increase their tensile strength. PTFE and PCTFE embrittlement temperature is very low, showing excellent low temperature properties. PTFE has the lowest friction coefficient and special self-lubricity. But PTFE also has its own wear and cold flow and other shortcomings. Filling all kinds of fillers can be used to improve wear resistance and overcome cold flow. 

      5. Non-stickiness: fluoroplastics have special non-stickiness. Especially, the fluorine content in the molecules such as PTPE,FEP,PFA is high, and the surface contact angle is very large, which makes the liquid on the surface of fluorine plastic become spherical. It is not easy to bond with resin, so it is commonly used to make cooking utensils surface non-adhesive creeping layer. 

      6. Weather resistance: all kinds of fluoroplastics have excellent weathering resistance, even in harsh temperature exposure for a long time, its various properties have not changed. 7. Hydrophobicity: fluorine plastics have low water absorption, especially PTFE. Composite fabrics and other equipment that can be used to make breathable and impervious fabrics using its hydrophobicity

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