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The Introduction of Spray Drying Poly Aluminium Chloride
- Jun 18, 2018 -

     Spray granulation is the drying of poly aluminum chloride and atomization into tiny particles, this granular type has good application performance. Polyaluminium chloride is a water-soluble substance with good thermal stability and high solubility. During the drying process, 40% -50% solid polyaluminum chloride solution is introduced into the high pressure pump and atomized by the atomizer entering the dryer after pressurization. Disperse into tiny droplets, the droplets are dried to obtain granular products, so that drying and granulation at the same time.

Properties of Poly Aluminum Chloride:

1) A large number of positively charged and stable polynuclear hydroxyl aluminum complexes can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.

2) White appearance, very low iron content, can meet the needs of manufacturing quality paper.

3) Polyaluminium chloride is a prehydrolytic product of aluminum chloride, the degree of hydrolysis is relatively low, and the decrease of pH value of pulp is smaller than that of aluminum sulfate.

4) with polyaluminum chloride sizing, the retention of slurry is improved obviously.

5) the performance of paper is improved to some extent except for long crack and break.

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Industry application of Poly aluminium chloride:

Poly aluminium chloride is a kind of cationic inorganic high molecular flocculant with multi-hydroxyl, polynuclear complexation, polyaluminium chloride has low corrosion to pipeline equipment, and polyaluminium chloride is widely used in drinking water. Field of industrial water and sewage treatment-technical specifications and applications: application to source water purification, municipal sewage, sludge treatment, various industrial and chemical wastewater treatment, rapid solidification of cement, casting molding, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical refining, Paper sizing, etc.

Usage of Poly aluminium chloride:

1. Directly add appropriate amount of product to the treated water, and mix it well with water.

2. The specific dosage depends on the source water. The coagulation test is carried out with beaker to determine the appropriate dosage.

3, this product avoid damp, but still can be used after damp, the drug effect does not change.

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