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The Main Application of PAM in Water Treatment
- May 28, 2018 -

      Polyacrylamide is a white powder or small particle, with a density of 1.32g/cm3(23, a glass transition temperature of 188 degrees, and a softening temperature of nearly 210 degrees. The general method of drying contains a small amount of water, and when dried, it quickly absorbs water from the environment. The homopolymers separated by freeze-drying are white, soft, amorphous solids, but when precipitated from the solution and dried, they are glassy partially transparent solids, and the completely dry polyacrylamide PAM is a brittle white solid. Commercial polyacrylamide drying is usually done under moderate conditions, with a water content of 5% and a polymer film cast on a glass plate, which is a transparent, hard, fragile solid.

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Main Application of PAM:

1, Used in paper industry, one is to improve the retention rate of fillers, pigments, etc. In order to reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution, the second is to improve the strength of paper (including dry and wet strength), in addition, the use of PAM can also improve the tear resistance and porosity of paper to improve visual and printing performance, Also used in food and tea wrapping paper. 

2, Used in petroleum industry, oil recovery, drilling mud, waste mud treatment, prevent water channeling, reduce friction, improve oil recovery, tertiary oil recovery has been widely used. 

3, For textile sizing agent, stable size, less sizing, low broken rate of fabric, smooth cloth surface.

4, PAM is also widely used in thickening, colloid stability, drag reduction, bonding, film formation, biomedical materials.

5, used in daily chemical industry, it is often combined with lauryl alcohol polyether -7 and C13-14 isoalkanes in sleep mask to form emulsion thickening, emulsifying and stabilizer. 

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Other industries, food industry, for sugar cane sugar, sugar production and sugar juice clarification and syrup phosphorus floatation extraction. Enzyme fermentation broth flocculation clarification industry, also used for the recovery of feed protein, quality stability, good performance, the recovered protein powder on chicken survival rate and weight gain, no adverse effect on egg production, synthetic resin paint, civil grouting materials water shutoff, Building materials industry, improve cement quality, construction adhesives, joint repair and water shutoff agent, soil improvement, electroplating industry, printing and dyeing industry.