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The secrets of a nonstick pan-PTFE
- Jun 23, 2018 -

      Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene. The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) molecule polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene is surrounded by fluorine atoms, which are the secret of the smooth surface of Teflon.

 Fluorine atoms repel almost all substances, and even adhesives are difficult to adhere to. The reason is that the structure is highly symmetrical and belongs to non-polar polymers.

      Due to the weak dispersion force between molecules, the adhesion property is poor. Second, the surface energy is low, the adhesive can not fully wetting PTFEs, so it can not adhere well. Since any adhesive has poor adhesion to terflon, how does Teflon paint stick to a non-stick pan? At present, there are two kinds of techniques to make Teflon adhere to the surface of various pots: one is the "high temperature sintering method", that is, heating Teflon to a very high temperature, and then pressing it firmly on the surface to be attached; The second is to spray the paint on the surface of the pot, and then heat solidification. The disadvantage of the latter method is that the non-adhesive coating is not adhered to. Another method is to treat the surface of Teflon to increase the adhesion of the material.

The main processing techniques are as follows:

  1. At high temperature, the crystalline morphology of PTFE surface is changed, and some materials with high surface energy and easy adhesion, such as Sio _ 2O _ 2 Al powder, are embedded in the PTFE surface. After cooling, a modified layer.

  2. is formed on the surface of PTFE. In a highly vacuum electric field, ions hit the side of the PTFE to prepare for bonding, bumping the fluorine atoms away and replacing them with other atoms, such as oxygen, to produce a strongly bonded surface. Some fluorine atoms on the surface of PTFE film were replaced with some polar groups by chemical reaction between corrosion solution and PTFE film surface, and the adhesion was increased.

PTFE Dispersion.jpg