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What is the characteristic and application range of FEP Tube?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

     After the improvement of the raw material and process, the FEP tube has retained some of the original properties of PTFE, but on this basis, it has been further improved. In this case, FEP tube can be used well in every field.


     It is known that FEP tubes not only have excellent resistance to high and low temperature, chemical stability, electrical insulation, outstanding non-stickiness and high mechanical strength, but also are more elastic and transparent than PTFE. So this material can be made into FEP tube and FEP film. FEP tube includes FEP transparent tube and FEP heat shrink tube.

     On the one hand, FEP tube can be used in liquid crystal manufacturing device, on the other hand, it can also be used as all-body single-end light-emitting single-core fiber tube. Of course, its use is much more than that, such as heat exchangers, steam pipes, high purity reagent delivery pipes, corrosive media pipelines and so on are also used for FEP tubes.

     In addition, the FEP tube can be used to protect and insulate all kinds of cables and materials, so as to prolong the service life of the products.


     All these are about the performance and application range of FEP tube. If we encounter similar working conditions in the future, we can say that FEP tube is the first choice to ensure the smooth completion of all work, reduce unnecessary problems and reduce losses in the transportation process.

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