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What is the PVDF Sheet
- Jun 25, 2018 -

PVDF Sheet Introduction

Polyvinylidene fluoride sheet, made from PVDF resin at high temperature, is a very pure polymer. It contains no UV stabilizer, heat stabilizer, etc. Additives such as softener, lubricant or flame retardant. PVDF sheet can be welded by PVDF electrode to form slot and equipment. Used to hold various chemical liquids. It is especially suitable for the transport of pure chemical reagents in pure water system and semiconductor industry. Because of the chemical inertia of PVDF, it almost does not react with any medium. High temperature resistance (can continue to work at 172 degrees), excellent chemical corrosion and hydrolysis resistance, outstanding UV and weather resistance.

High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good creep resistance, good sliding and wear resistance, inherent low flammability and good electrical insulation. But the smoothness and electrical insulation are inferior. It has high strength and toughness at low temperature and can be extinguished by itself. The operating temperature ranges from -60 ℃ to 150 ℃. PVDF is stable to chloride, bromine and energy rays. At high temperature, both ester and ketone solution can cause erosion on PVDF board.

PVDF board semiconductor, LCD related devices and other fields of electronic industry, chemical devices, food processing machines, packaging machines of various parts, pipes, seals, pump components, rotary discs, valves, sliders, and so on. Suitable for petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, food, paper, textile, pipe, seal, pump parts, rotary disc, valve, stop valve, extractor, gear, pipe connection, slide rail. The manufacture of components in the pharmaceutical and atomic energy industries.


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