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2018 China (Zibo) Pump&Valve Exhibition
- May 27, 2018 -

              Equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry of Zibo city, traditional industry and advantage industry. After more than ten years undefined development, equipment manufacturing industry has become an important pillar industry in Zibo city, accounting for more than 18% of the industry in Zibo city.

             As a famous city of pump industry in China, Boshan pump industry has established a solid industrial base after more than 70 years of development. Is an important industrial base in Shandong Province, pump industry, mechanical and electrical equipment is well known at home and abroad. The regional brand, which is the core advantage of electromechanical equipment manufacturing industry, has been preliminarily formed. The advantages of pump industry, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, electric machinery and other industrial clusters are obvious. For the "China (Zibo) General Machinery Exposition and pump Valve Chemical equipment Exhibition" provided a unique industrial basis. Pump and Valve Exhibtion.jpg

           After many years of construction and development, the local equipment manufacturing industry has formed an industrial system with a certain scale and a certain level of technology. It has become an industry with rapid development, strong innovation ability and the most potential for development. Focusing on the development of the core enterprises such as Jitianshi, Huacheng Group, and many supporting industries, it also has a strong attraction for the regional layout of production bases of domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises. At present, the region has more than 2200 pump production and management enterprises, production and sales account for more than 15% of the country. Relying on the machinery and pump industry base in Boshan District, the machinery and electrical pump industry park of Boshan Economic Development Zone is under development and construction.


          Exhibit content  

          Pump products: submersible pump, sewage pump, screw pump, self-priming pump, cleaning pump, pipeline pump, centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, chemical pump and other industrial, household, agricultural pumps and air compressors.  

          General machinery: vacuum equipment; fans; compressors; valves and fittings; gas separation equipment, gas liquefaction equipment and gas purification equipment; filtration equipment, separation machinery, cooling equipment and drying equipment; motor products and ancillary equipment;  

          Chemical equipment: filtration, extraction, purification equipment; separation, crushing, mixing equipment; instrumentation and industrial automation equipment; industrial cleaning and anticorrosion technology equipment; storage, packaging technology and pressure vessels; heat transfer, refrigeration and heat treatment equipment; Keywords environmental protection and protection equipment; laboratory analysis apparatus and equipment; chemical plant and equipment; pharmaceutical chemical equipment;