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2018 Fluorine Chemical Industry Innovation And Development Conference And Sixth China (Fuxin) Fluorine Chemical Industry Development Summit Forum Held In Fuxin
- Aug 27, 2018 -

August 23, 2018, China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liaoning Provincial Commission for Industry and Informatization, Fuxin Municipal peopleundefineds Government jointly sponsored the "2018 Fluorine Chemical Industry Innovation and Development Conference and the sixth China (Fuxin) Fluorine Chemical Industry Development Summit Forum" held in Fuxin, Liaoning Province. Cao Xianjun, chairman of China Fluorosilicon Association, as one of the organizers of the meeting, attended the meeting and delivered a speech for the opening ceremony.

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            With the theme of "Integration, innovation, frontier, environmental protection", this forum brings together the domestic and foreign fluoride industry elite, experts and scholars, research and technical personnel, invited research institutes, The key fluorine chemical enterprises at home and abroad, the pesticide professional committee of the china chemical industry association, the working committee of the chemical park of china petrochemical federation, the petrochemical association of Liaoning province, the government of Fuxin Mongolian autonomous county and the leaders of the relevant departments, the participants reached more than 200 people This paper discusses the new opportunities of fluorine chemical industry development under the new situation of our country, the new direction of the integration and development of the park, the new trend of the technical innovation of the industry, the new trend of the high-end special products, the new requirements of the industry development of environmental protection, the structural deleveraging, the prevention of chemical risks, For R & D products and market applications and other links to provide a platform for communication. To promote the development of fluorine chemical industry from high speed to high quality, to realize the conversion of new and old production capacity, and to extend the technical upgrading of the industry. A signing ceremony was also held with three investment projects, including Fuxin Fulong Bao Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. 23 academic exchange reports and a compilation of papers were published by representatives of the industry.

          Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone is a provincial park supported by the Liaoning Provincial Government. The provincial leaders pay close attention to the development of the fluorine chemical industry in Fuxin, and the provincial government clearly proposes to build Fuxin into a "capital of fluorine and chemical industry of China". Based on the advantages of region, resources, talents, industry foundation and policy, the development of fluorine chemical industry in Fuxin has successfully promoted the rapid rise of fluorine chemical industry. As we all know, fluorite is one of the most important basic raw materials of fluorine chemical industry. After years of exploitation and use, many areas with rich fluorite resources in China do not have the advantage of resources at present. However, there are more than 13 million tons of fluorite reserves and 30 million tons of potential resources within 200 kilometers of Fuxin and its surrounding areas. The mineral processing capacity reaches 500000 tons and the Liaoning Provincial Government has clearly proposed that the fluorite resources in the province should be developed and utilized by Fuxin Mining Group in order to provide raw material guarantee for the development of fluorine chemical industry. To develop fluorine chemical industry, fluorite resource is one of the most obvious advantages of Fuxin.

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Through the convening of this conference, we can further promote and promote all talented people and enterprises engaged in teaching, research, development, production, sales and application of fluorosilicon materials, and grasp the rare opportunities for the development of industrial transformation and upgrading. Pay close attention to the global development trend and the development trend of related industries at home and abroad, closely unite, work together to tackle key problems, jointly cultivate, create a good atmosphere and environment of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation by all", and form a situation of scientific and technological innovation in full bloom. Leading the development of Chinaundefineds fluorosilicon industry with scientific and technological innovation!