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Announcement Of Sinochem Blue Sky 500t / Year PVF Project
- Nov 27, 2018 -

November 6 th, Sinochem Blue Sky released annual production of 500 tons of PVF special film production line project environmental assessment announcement.

 It is understood that Zhejiang Zhonghua Blue Sky Polymer Co., Ltd. plans to build a new film drawing workshop and supporting public facilities in the existing factory area in Hangzhou, forming 500t / year PVF special membrane production capacity, the project investment is about 250 million yuan. As the worldundefineds second PVF film manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights, Sinochem Blue Sky has been continuously developing technological innovation and mechanism innovation in recent years, has constructed a strict AS9100 aviation quality system, and has recently become a qualified supplier to Boeing. For commercial aircraft interior to provide better protection. 

PVF film, that is, polyfluoroethylene film (polyvinyl fluoride), has crystal structure, high transparency (through ultraviolet), high electrical insulation, high toughness, excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. From minus 70 ℃ to 110 ℃, PVF films can guarantee excellent properties. In addition, the PVF film contains no plasticizer, so it has excellent aging resistance and toughness and bending property in a wide range of temperatures.