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Antistatic Color Pulp For PTFE
- May 17, 2018 -

Antistatic color pulp for PTFE

In the PTFE coating process, PTFE layer is required to resist static electricity while maintaining smoothness, color equality and operability of the surface. This kind of color pulp general users have no independent research and development ability, basically by direct technical power to the strong technical company to buy, the main or expensive price is not to reach the expected effect. The principal color pulp is water color pulp, which mainly uses carbon black as the main body of antistatic. The superfine carbon black particles (below 0.05um) are evenly dispersed in water through the dispersant of superior performance, and all kinds of additives (moisturizing agent, defoaming agent, brightener, stabilizer, etc.) are added, so that the color pulp is maintained for a long time stability and through proper adhesion. The amount of top coating is kept uniform. The gluing surface is outstanding in terms of blackness, brightness and evenness, especially the cost is greatly saved.