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Arkema Announces Price Increase Of 6%-9% For FEP,PTFE And Other Fluoropolymer
- Jun 05, 2018 -

     With effect from April 1, 2018, or under existing contracts, Arkema will raise the price of its fluoropolymer series,including FEP rein,PTFE rein,PVDF resin,ETFE resin and PFA resin and so on by 6%-9% in the Asia Pacific region. The increase comes as raw material prices continue to rise and Arkema continues to invest in R & D, compliance and capacity to cope with growing customer demand. As one of the major producers of specialty polymers, Arkema brings innovative, value-added solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

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    Arkema Technology Polymer Division develops a full range of high-performance polyamide and fluoropolymer products,including FEP rein,PTFE rein,PVDF resin,ETFE resin and PFA resin  for automotive, industrial, health, consumer, construction and renewable energy markets. Relying on its global flagship brand line including Kynar, Pebax and Rilsan.Arkema undefineds technical polymer division brings global supply and customized regional services to its customers with its manufacturing base and R & D centers covering three continents, Europe, Asia and the United States. In order to stand out in the industry. Kynar fluoropolymer,including FEP rein,PTFE rein,PVDF resin,ETFE resin and PFA resin  is widely used in various high performance applications, such as filter membrane for drinking water, electrode adhesive for lithium ion battery, photovoltaic backplate protective film and so on. These areas and their applications are growing particularly strongly in the Asia-Pacific region.