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Carbyl Fluorine--New Favor Of New Generation Of Industrial Electronic Gas
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Also known as carbonyl fluoride, it can be used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment cleaning gas and etching gas, organic compounds fluorinated gas and raw materials and organic synthesis intermediates, fluorides, High purity COF2 is required for cleaning gas used as semiconductor manufacturing equipment.



Carboyl fluoride is an irritating, non-flammable, colorless and toxic gas [1]. As a new generation of cleaning and etching materials for industrial semiconductor equipment, carboyl fluoride has extremely low global warming potential (GWP ≈ 1), extremely low ozone depletion potential (ODP0), and extremely low atmospheric lifetime (< 1a), which is an environmentally friendly electronic gas [2]. Carboyl fluoride has some advantages over nitrogen trifluoride in process performance, environmental performance, tail gas treatment and carbon emission cost. The Institute of New Energy Industry Technology Synthesis Research Institute of Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Earth Environmental Industry Technology Research Institute have carried out nearly a decade of research on the physicochemical properties, operational properties and biological activities of carboyl fluoride. Carbon acyl fluoride is identified as a potent substitute for gases such as nitrogen trifluoride. As an environmentally friendly gas, carboyl fluoride is being prepared and purified by many research institutions at home and abroad. The preparation and purification of carboyl fluoride is a difficult point to solve. The introduction of carboyl fluoride as acyl fluoride or fluoro group in organic synthesis provides a new method for the synthesis of many new products.