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China Becomes The Largest Producer And Consumer Of Fluoro And Silicon Materials In The World
- Jun 03, 2018 -

China has become the largest production and consumer of fluorosilicon materials in the world, and it is very likely to become a few strategic emerging industries with international competitiveness in the domestic chemical industry in the future.

Zhao Jungui, vice president and secretary-general of the China Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Industries, held the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association and the China Fluorosilicon Industry Development Conference in Beijing on May 30. He said: over the past 30 years, the fluorosilicon industry in China has built a complete industrial system in terms of raw materials, production, sales and equipment design, and a number of backbone enterprises with core competitiveness and great development potential have emerged, in terms of quality and technology. Management standards and other aspects are closer to the international level. DSC02126.jpg

Cao Xianjun, chairman of the China Fluorosilicon Organic Materials Industry Association, pointed out that fluorosilicon materials are already one of the new materials that are mainly supported and developed by the "made in China 2025" and have been widely used in building textiles, electronics and electricity, and environmental protection. New energy and so on almost all industrial fields and daily life. At present, China accounts for about 55 percent of the worldundefineds organic silicon production capacity, production and consumption are more than the global 45, 510, annual sales revenue of more than 6 billion yuan.

According to Yang Xiaoyong, director of the committee of experts of the fluorosilicon association, from 2000 to 2016, the global production capacity, production and consumption of siloxane have all increased by about two times, while China has increased by about 50 times, 53 times and 14 times, respectively. The average annual growth rate of global siloxane consumption is about 7.6 percent, compared with 18.6percent in China. "the development of the silicone industry in the past 30 years can be summed up asundefined one breakthrough, two approved ones. One breakthrough was a major breakthrough in the production capacity, production and technical level of silicone monomers and downstream products; two approvals, one by users and the market, and the other by government authorities. " Wang Shuhua, secretary-general of the inorganic fluorine panel of the fluorosilicon association, said that Chinaundefineds fluorine chemical industry is moving towards engineering and scale. At present, the production of four series of products, such as AHF, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, HFP, PTFE,PVDF, lithium hexafluorophosphate, aromatic fluorides PTFE raw material belt, has reached the worldundefineds first. FEP,fKM production. The total processing quantity of fluorine plastics primary products is also the first three in the world. ETFE Granule  Extrusion Process HY49003.jpgPan Aihua, Deputy Director of Raw Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that after 30 years of development, the fluorosilicon industry broke through the production technology of chlor-alkali ion-exchange membrane, broke the foreign monopoly, and laid a solid foundation for our country to become a big country of fluorine and silicon. Fluorine silicon industry cultivates new kinetic energy, is to develop a batch of new material products with great market potential. The state has promoted many policies in the field of new materials. In terms of financial support, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to use strong foundation engineering, technical transformation and other special focus to support new materials. In the 2018 industrial transformation and upgrade special notice just issued, polyfluoroethylene membrane, special silicone sealant and other fluorine silicon field materials have been listed as the key direction of strong base engineering.

 For the future development of fluorine silicon industry, Zhao Jungui put forward three suggestions. First, it is necessary to strengthen confidence, Chinaundefineds fluorosilicon new material industry to do better and stronger. The second is to strengthen the industry in front of the larger, only strong to sail, the industry can go further. Third, the enterprise development should combine the industry, strengthen the organization development of the traditional industry, not only make the enterprise strong and refined, but also consider to enhance the industryundefineds premium ability in the process of internationalization.FEP Bar.jpg

 The meeting commended a number of outstanding enterprises and 59 individual enterprises in the industry, which were awarded the leading enterprises in Chinaundefineds fluorosilicon industry, industry models, excellent enterprises, and other titles, such as the Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, the Meritorious Achievement Award, and the Scientific and technological Progress Award for 44 projects. Industrial Progress Awards, etc.