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DuPont Net Sales Grew By 17% In The Second Quarter Of 2018
- Sep 03, 2018 -

     Recently, Dow DuPont released its second quarter results report. The main contents are as follows: 

     Net sales increased by 17% to $24.2 billion, and all departments achieved double-digit growth. Growth in all regions came from projected net sales of $20.7 billion for the same period last year. Sales in the agricultural sector rose 25 percent as a result of weather-related delays and a recovery in local prices in the first quarter. Sales in the materials science division increased by 18 percent, with double-digit growth across all departments and regions. Sales in the specialty division have increased by 10 percent, sales in most regional markets and all regions have increased.DOW Dupont.jpg

    Compared with the same period last year, turnover has increased by 10 percent, and all departments and all regions have increased. The United States and Canada, as well as the Asia-Pacific region, recorded double-digit growth. Agricultural production rose 20 percent, driven by a recovery in the first quarter due to weather-related delays. Sales of materials science and specialized products have increased by 10 percent and 4 percent, respectively. Both products have increased in their respective fields and regions. On the surface, local prices have risen by 4 percent, and prices in all sectors and regions have increased. Among them, material science rose 5 percent, material science rose 4 percent. 

   Operating EBITDA was up 29 percent to $5.7 billion from the same period last year. Agriculture has achieved 45% EBITDA growth. The operating profit growth rate of professional products is 23%. Material Scienceundefineds operating profit growth rate was 22.1 billion. 

  DowDuPont achieved more than $375 million in synergetic cost savings in the quarter, saving nearly $900 million since the merger ended. The company now expects to achieve $1.4 billion year-on-year savings in 2018, more than 15 percent more than its previous target. 

    The company returned nearly $2 billion to shareholders through dividends ($900 million) and share buybacks ($1 billion). Dow DuPont has returned $5.6 billion to shareholders since the merger ended。