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FEP Market Offer In China Market
- Jun 10, 2018 -

In this week,FEP price is steady in China market. Production line of Dongyue,yonghe,Juhua,Daikin starts regularly. The offer of FEP resin , that is FEP granule as belows, based on meling flow rate:

MFR is 0.2-8,  RMB95000-100000 Per ton for FEP molding compression.

MFRis 2.1-15, RMB90000-95000 Per ton for Wire,cable and jacket.

MFRis 15 above,RMB90000-95000 per tons for high speed extrusion.

As estimation, the price will be keep in next week.

FEP Granule Heating Cable.jpgFEP Powder Resin.jpgFEP Granule Heating Wire.jpg