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Fluoropolymer Resin Information
- Jan 10, 2019 -

         Fluoropolymer includes fluorine resin and fluorine rubber. The production capacity of foreign fluoropolymers has reached 220000 t / a (excluding China) in 2016, in which PTFE is 96400 t / a, accounting for 45% of total production capacity; FEP is 30300 t / a, PVDF is 36700 t / a, 17%.FKM is 22300 t / a, the United States is the largest producer of fluorinated polymers, accounting for 34% of total production capacity; Western Europe and Japan accounted for 28% and 28% respectively. Foreign fluoropolymer three major production areas are basically three-thirds of the world pattern.

         Because the production technology of fluoropolymer is very difficult, it has been controlled by a few enterprises in a few countries for a long time. Among them, the DuPont (Comu) Company in the United States has the largest production scale. And is a vertical integration enterprise from the production of hydrogen fluoride to various fluorinated polymers.

        Foreign fluoropolymer production is highly monopolistic, resulting in a large amount of global trade of fluoropolymers. In 2016, the global trade volume of fluoropolymers was about 130000 tons (including China), accounting for 57 percent of the total consumption.

         For a long time, the consumption of foreign fluoropolymer has been on the increase trend. The average annual growth rate in recent years is about 5%. In 2016, the consumption of fluorinated polymer abroad was 208000 t, of which the consumption in the United States was 76000 t. Is the worldundefineds largest consumer country. Western Europe is 55000 tons, Japan is 18000 tons, and other countries and regions are 59000 tons.

        Fluorinated resin is a kind of polymer material with special properties and high value. Petrochemical industry is the largest consumption field of fluorine resin, which mainly uses the corrosion resistance of fluorine resin, excellent resistance to high and low temperature and so on, followed by machinery industry, fluorine resin is processed into various parts and components in this field. The amount of fluorine resin consumed in electronic and electrical industry is also relatively large, mainly because of the excellent dielectric properties of fluorine resin, and the quantity of fluorine resin consumed in coating industry is more and more, which is mainly due to its chemical and physical stability and self-cleanness. In addition, textile, cooking utensils, medical devices and other aspects of the consumption of a certain amount of fluorine resin.

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