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Knowledge And Application Of Teflon FEP Resin And FEP Powder
- Jun 15, 2018 -

     We, shandong Hengyi New Material Technology Co.,ltd, are fluoropolymer factory and supplier in China, including injection grade FEP Resin,Extrusion grade FEP resin,Moulding grade FEP resin,moulding grade FEP powder and coating grade FEP dispersion. Our telfon FEP are good quality and super properties, and we welcome our clients consult us, make phone calling , or send mail to us .

    The application of Teflon FEP:

1:Telfon FEP is suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, wear resistant parts, sealing parts, insulating parts and medical device parts. 

2:Telfon is suitable for making high temperature wire, cable insulation layer, anticorrosive equipment, sealing material, pump valve bushing and chemical container. Molding properties: crystallization, moisture absorption can be processed by the usual thermoplastic processing method. 

3: FEP fluidity is poor, easy to decompose, decomposition of corrosion gas. The molding temperature should be strictly controlled not to exceed 475 degrees, the mold should be heated to 150-200 degrees, and the casting system should have a small resistance to the flow of materials.

4: FEP translucent particles, injection molding, extrusion molding, Long-term temperature tolerance 260 degrees molding temperature 350-400 degrees or 475 degrees above easy to cause color change or bubble. And note that demoulding will be more difficult 

5: because FEP molten materials have corrosion to metal, long-term production, the mold needs plating chromium treatment. PFA and FEP PTFE chemical properties are similar, but FEP can only be used in less than 200 degrees of PTFE can not be injected.

Meanwhile, we customized FEP Granule in different coluor, different MFR.

Also, we produce and supply other teflon material, such as PVDF,PFA,PTFE,ETFE applied in home appliances, medical, military, communications, aerospace, motor cars, ships, buildings and autos.

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