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Main Property Of PTFE Material DF16A
- May 19, 2018 -

    Dongyue Group offers PTFE Molding Powder DF-16A brand products with good weathering resistance, self-cleaning, self-lubricity and excellent electrical strength, in terms of batch stability, cleanliness, tensile strength and other indicators to reach the international leading level. 

      Completely replace foreign products of the same type. The reinforced PTFE plate produced with suspended fine powder DF-16A provided by Dongyue Group has achieved the self-lubricity guarantee when protecting the UHV bridge cable at the top of the two cars of the Chinese standard EMU. Ensure wear resistance with cable sleeve. It can resist acid and alkali, and ensure no corrosion, cracking and transformation in bad environment. It meets the requirements of Chinese standard EMU for tensile strength, elongation at break, compression ratio and pressure-pressure permanent deformation. In the impact resistance, flame retardancy also has a very good performance.